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Picture Rating

Question: You only post one picture for the month to vote on the Home Page. This is not fair to other pictures for the month. Maybe a voting link, or an option to view all then vote. The picture on the home page receives all the votes for the month

The posted picture for the month that is featured on the homepage is determined by the votes on all of the pictures submitted to the wall of fame for that month. You can vote for any of the pictures in the Wall Of Fame section in the main navigation under Big Fish Fun. The picture with most votes or highest rating for that month will be featured on the home page. To increase the rating of a picture you can submit your vote or rating to any of the Wall Of Fame pictures as many times as you would like. For additional assistance on rating or voting for a picture in the Wall Of Fame section, follow the detailed steps below.

STEP 1: Login


STEP 2: Find the Wall Of Fame on the main navigation bar under "Big Fish Fun".

STEP 3: Find the photo you would like to rate or vote for and click on it. Once you have clicked on it, you will be redirected to a page where you can rate/vote for the picture you chose. Using the radio buttons you can select your vote or rating for the image and then click RATE IT to submit your vote/rating.


If You Have Any Questions Or Problems Rating Your Wall Of Fame Image
Feel Free To Contact Us.