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Feb 28, 2015, 9:17 PM
Oct 25, 2017, 7:58 PM
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Re: [Uintaman] Annual October Strawberry
Good job, i know its hard to get out on a new slice of the lake. Thanks for the update. Great report.
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Re: [bassrods] Fall Bass?
All the above information given has been great. Keep it coming I love it!
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Re: [Hookinup] Video I made, Strawberry yesterday
Great video. What part of the lake do you like to fish?
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Re: [TT600] Outboard Issues
The prop on their now is 9x10. It is set the “normal” tilt. If I get a 9x9 and 9x11, wilt realy make all the difference? That’s a 200...
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Looking for 35 HP Outboard
Hi Y'all I am looking for a good running 35 HP outboard motor. If you have one you don't want or one that you would sell, please let m...
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Re: [gstott] Fall Bass?
Gstott Thanks for the info folks. Gstott, i agree that the finder is very important, BUT, I am not totally sure that i am utilizing mine ...
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Mantua Reprot
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Mantua Reprot
Anglinarcher Thanks for the info and the picture. That is very informative. I think that my time may be wasted if i spend my tim...
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Re: [fsh4fun05] Strawberry Report
Fsh4funs05 come on that sounds like a fish story to me. Ha just joking, what where you throwing? I was surprised we didn't have...
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Re: [Tarponjim] Outboard Issues
I love all the information that you all are giving. I have looked at the plate on my boat and it says that the MAX HP is a 35HP. ...
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