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Date Submitted: Mon May 17 2010
Location: Farm Pond
State: Maryland
Fish: Black Crappie

Description:I was fly fishing in a farm pond with my favorite fly when he hit it.

Date Submitted: Tue Sep 15 2009
Location: Carroll County
State: Maryland
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description:Caught midday on a dark red with black flakes grub tail and red Eagle Claw hook.

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Registered User
Sep 13, 2009, 8:13 AM
Nov 20, 2010, 3:47 PM
Forum Responses:

Re: [hambone870] portage for bonus fish
Sweet fish
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Re: [Jordanlee] my 7 pound large mouth bass in north carolina
Nice fish Jordanlee. I wouldn't have released it either. I release 99 percent of my fish but when I...
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Re: [JDBer94] Who fishes where?
I fish all of Maryland freshwater and saltwater. The Chesapeake is great. We've got some beauties in there. I also love the easte...
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i dont' know what it is but it looks pretty cool.
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Re: [albinotrout] Can anyone post a picture of a baby pike?

albinotrout wrote:
post a pic of the fish you caught please. Then we can help make a decision. x2. i ...

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Re: [SenkoDrop4] I can't set if my life depended on it
gdn443 said it well. Setting the hook honestly just takes time and practice. I've fished my whole life and...
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Re: [AlexF2294] i have a question
tie it on right at the bend, just use an improved clinch knot, or whatever, NOT a loop knot. Clips work ok until you get into b...
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Re: [viva_Che1363] caught lures, hooks, everything dammit
Well fishing takes a long time to perfect. And the pros probably still lose a few lures every now and t...
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Re: [Mrs.Pike] 50" MUSKIE!

Mrs.Pike wrote:
He caught it on Clearwater Lake... pretty famous area to the pro's they kinda keep it secret... it's where D...

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Re: [bilyboat2] first time trout fishing
nightcrawlers, meal worms, minnows, powerbait (a must in my opinion), white buctail jigs like what are used for crappie,...
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