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Feb 22, 2007, 8:56 PM
Apr 24, 2019, 7:47 PM
Robert Cottingham
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Re: [gmwahl] Mantua

gmwahl wrote:
With all due respect, no one is getting tickets for doing 2-3 over unless they're in a school zone or in a 25 zone maximum.......

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Re: [icerman] Mantua updates
There has been atv's on the ice as recently as yesterday. Didn't get a chance to walk out but the edges look good. It was 10 degrees...
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Re: [lavaman] Mantua Ice!!!!
Just ran over and checked. There are two spots people have traveled out. About 75 yards from the ramp and about 100 yard out from th...
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Re: [MADDOGG] Northern Utah Basspro Shop
It's been 7 or so years but my old boss was at a planning commision meeting for Brigham City and they had a plot plan pr...
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Re: [finhunter] Willard or Mantua
As far as slush goes, it was non existent Saturday. Took the snowmobile out and ran into a friend in his Rhino. Didn't find slu...
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Re: [Steelhead76] Inflatable Pontoon
I work for a pontoon boat manufacturer and I have to say, by the look of the frames they are being made in the same Chinese ...
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Re: [Wildcat94] Whats your 9-5?
I'm the sales and business manager for an inflatable pontoon boat manufacturer, and part time product tester
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Re: [idahoron] Buying a Pontoon
Yes they do have quite a bit of rocker but that factors into the river certifications. We have a 7 footer with almost no rocker ...
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Re: [flygoddess] Buying a Pontoon
I have put a 10 foot pontoon into a 25x25x21 box for shipping. However, the trade off for the durability of the molded bladder...
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Re: [Divin-Demon] Buying a Pontoon
Yes they are more or less a "plastic cylinder". Rotationaly molded using a semi-flexible material. They have a 1/8" wall thic...
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