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Jun 11, 2009, 3:05 PM
Oct 12, 2019, 4:18 AM
St. Maries / Boise
Ultra Pure H20
Freshwater Fishing
Nateekin River, Dutch Harbor, Ak
??? 200# barn doors or 50# Salmon in Ak? Reef fish in Philippines? Cooler of crappie with my boy - priceless!

Just a guy that loves to fish with his son Avery.
Forum Responses:

Avery does it again
For all my friends not on FB. Avery dropped the hammer on a very respectful bear Sunday. He passed on 15 before taking this one. I think he m...
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Re: [Duck-Slayer] Stone sheep hunt giveaway
Wouldn't that be cool to win. Thanks Matt.
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Re: [Chuckster] New to Boise area. Where to fish?
Chuck, Glad to hear your already out exploring. I tend to go upriver(east) more but the fishing is the about sa...
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Re: [Chuckster] New to Boise area. Where to fish?
Always fun learning a new area. Just start exploring. Snake River and impoundments for warm water species. Bois...
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Re: [betterthanwork] Trolling Plate Question
I wouldn't choke down a 150 with a troll plate. Small kicker would be better in my opinion or upgrade the electric l...
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Re: [AverysAdventure] Cascade Perch Tournament - June 22nd
Avery's going to give them pike a break and come home for a few days so we can fish the tournament. He...
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Re: [sdhuntandfish] Cascade Perch Tournament - June 22nd
Still hoping to make it. My fishing partner is stuck in CDA pulling in monster SMB and Pike and doesn't ...
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Re: [Jnicholes] Crawfish trapping questions
Make your traps and don't worry if you lose one here or there. Pillow traps are cheap and easy to make and very effec...
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Re: [Kodiak1] Old Goat
Sure like the action. I'm going to give them a try. Thanks for the tip Mike.
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Re: [fast_randy] Avery and Ryan's first bow kill
I also need to try and be more active on here. Yes I use decoys. I've had some crazy reactions and at times jus...
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