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Apr 16, 2017, 10:54 AM
May 20, 2019, 7:22 AM
burley mcculley
retired electrician
Freshwater Fishing
Degray Lake, Arkansas and Snake River, Idaho
8'4"" White Sturgeon

I enjoy fishing, mostly for warm water species, and rockhounding. I enjoy trips to Arkansas for fishing Degray Lake and Arkansas River. Now addicted to Sturgeon fishing.
Forum Responses:

Re: [liketrolling] Solo sturgeon fishing Bonanza
Not mine.
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Solo sturgeon fishing Bonanza
After a early May get together with Liketrolling, Kentofnsl, TopH2O, and A-bow-nut and catching only 5 fish between the 2 boats, I ...
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Re: [cattrapr] CJ perch?
If I may ask , Do you find many crappie over 8"? What is CJ's average size crappie?
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Re: [ice_sled] 2019 Catfish Contest Ice_Sled
Congratulations on tomorrow's catch Wink Today is 5/4/19. But that is a nice fish wether you caught it today or tomo...
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Re: [TubeDude] Crappies in Mantua???
Seems to me , that if there is crappie in Mantua, there would have been some caught by the hard water fishermen. They/we cov...
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Re: [catchinon] Weird bait
Back in the sixties, I was fishing the Bass Ponds between Tremonton and Deweyville. I had scutted out onto a pipe that crossed the sou...
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Re: [kyLURE] Huge Mantua Bluegill 2/23/19
Yes , they were Mantua residents. I don't think that they had a fishing license, but I found out that I didn't have min...
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Re: [catchinon] Weird bait
My brother caught a long nose gar on gum while fishing the White River in Arkansas in 1960. Most recently though, I use pickled herrin...
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Re: [BURLEY] Huge Mantua Bluegill 2/23/19
We humans weren't the only ones catching gills. These two garter snakes were getting their share as well.
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Re: [BURLEY] Huge Mantua Bluegill 2/23/19
Caught this big boy today. covers bottom of 5 gal bucket. weighs 1.14 lb. 11 inches long, 5 1/2 inches wide.
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