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Nov 5, 2003, 2:40 PM
Jun 24, 2019, 4:27 PM

Curt Manley
Fishing, Bass Fishing, Computers, Outdoors, Photography, Web Design, Music
HSI Technical Support

Bass Lakes
6lb 14oz Largemouth Bass
Forum Responses:

Re: [wiperhunter2] hello from ND
Yes I'm still around! Don't get on here as much as I used to but I still do
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Re: [gdn443] Alabama Rig
I've thrown an a-rig once or twice but haven't got any bites on it yet. I didnt throw it for too long it was mostly to see how it worked...
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Re: [BigMarty] Baitcasting reels
I use the right handed baitcasting reels because since I'm right handed I want to be able to use my right arm to make good casts...
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Re: [ndcountrygirl] hello from ND
welcome to the site! where do you usually fish?
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Re: [Paulpro] Reg offset worm hooks or wide gap?
All I use is wide gap. Cant go wrong with those
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Re: [BassAnglerMag] Sound or No Sound
A lot of Pros talk up the silent crankbaits and I'm sure there is a time for them, but I will always prefer the rattling ba...
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Re: [BassAnglerMag] UV Baits
I had a guy show me the spray at the last bass tournament. He swore by it and said he caught more fish with it. He did weigh in 3 ni...
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Re: [Edgy779] Tungsten or Lead?
if you have the money to spend on tungsten, go for that. if not lead works just fine.
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Re: [LanitaHindsman] bonjour!
Welcome to bft! What do you like to fish for?
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Re: [Big_Musky] Top Water Bassin'
Nice job on the video! That's a cool looking mouse!
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