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Registered User
Aug 7, 2010, 5:52 PM
Mar 29, 2017, 6:37 PM
Payson, Utah
Retired -- Child Protective Service investigations
Freshwater Fishing
Utah Lake
36 pound Mack

Forum Responses:

Re: [ice_sled] Lincoln Beach today
I was out there this a.m. about 6:30 planning to do some bank tangling near Mulberry Access. Wind was calm but the water was a...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Cutler marsh catch
Ahh the irony of it all... love to see UL come up daily with good cattin' while you guys up north can't fish because of too...
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Re: [Ahi1953] 2017 Catfish Contest Ahi1953
That's a nice cat. Sure looks like you should be able to stretch another 1/16 of an inch out of him. Oh well, you will...
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Re: [Piscophilic] First trip to Lincoln in 2017..First Fish in 2017
Nice. Anything over 24 inches is a good first fish. I'm sure there are more and bigger ones t...
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Re: [Piscophilic] Lincoln Friday
Pisco-- Fish were scattered yesterday. I fished from Sandy Beach to the Orchards and never did find a hot spot. Fishing near the...
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Lincoln Friday
Good crowd at Lincoln today. Several boats launched and water level in the channel seems to be adequate for all. Lots of waders and boaters by the...
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Re: [GEEZER] More Lincoln stuff
Man, not sure about a nice big boat like yours. I was there again today (I go every day, I'm a cataholic) and the water is pretty...
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Re: [TheCarDoctor] More Lincoln stuff
The water is up. I launched my 17 footer today and had no trouble. Water is about two feet deep in the channel. I used my m...
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Re: [MSM1970] More Lincoln stuff
Impressive walleyes. Seems like you have them figured out. I tip my greasy carp-stained hat to ya. They look like they are fat a...
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Re: [lavaman] More Lincoln stuff
You northern guys have us out numbered this year so I'm sure there will be some super-cats coming when the weather gives you a b...
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