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Date Submitted: Mon Oct 03 2011
Location: Arrowrock Reservoir
State: Idaho
Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Description:Just put our poles in the water and my girlfriend and I were trolling. I was setting up my other rod and hadn't put my first one in a holder yet and this guy slammed the rod on a Small yellow and gold spinner 20ft back 2 ft down. The fish ended up being just over 4 pounds!

About Me:

Registered User
Sep 21, 2011, 3:27 PM
Sep 5, 2016, 7:21 AM
Kuna, ID
Freshwater Fishing
Snake River/Grandview - High Mountain Lakes and Streams
7 1/2 foot Sturgeon

I'm now 29 and I love fishing! Also love hunting. I got into it a bit later in my life (about 21 years old) but I love every bit of it. I'm challenging myself to catch as many different species as possible and take a photo with them to keep it exciting and to keep me exploring new places all the time.
Forum Responses:

Re: [Bronco66] Species quest!
So far we've been doing pretty good! Hit Willard sat morning and fished 10-5 and caught 4 wiper, 2 channel. Wiper hit on fake shad ...
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Species quest!
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Salmon, ID fishing
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Shoulder mounted Caribou
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Came from Boise to fish SE Idaho for memorial weekend and it was tough fishing Saturday with the storms and rain. Fished American falls re...
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Re: [2dogs] SFCR
Thanks for the heads up!
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Thinking about chasing some walleye next weekend if weather permits, 4/18-19. Any recent info would be great! Is there a best time of the year for chasing t...
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Re: [jkb123] Lake Lowell x-Doe
Thanks for the help:) this definitely puts me on the right track! I got a nice big tree at home I can practice set up and shots fr...
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Lake Lowell x-Doe
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Re: [RustynMtnHome] Found the Brownlee Crappie
So did I! But they were all at the boat ramp:( people were lining up for em, so I did too. Caught about 1 every mi...
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