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Mar 4, 2013, 9:53 AM
Mar 5, 2017, 4:05 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Big Sur
Yellowtail on Kayak at La Jolla

I've been fishing since a wee fisherman in Canada. Spent many hours fishing from the aluminum boat with the 9.9hp, ice fishing and now living in California mostly fishing from a kayak.
Forum Responses:

Ice Fishing Perch Tactics
Perch... stunted, but someone asked me a few weeks ago about perch tactic updates, well I go through my whole tactical approach through...
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Outfished by Facebook Fishing Buddy The internet is a prime location to meet all sort of people... especially those with the same pa...
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Monster Rainbow Trout Ice Fishn QQMX4OEE Ice fishing for some of the biggest trout I have ever caught. These submarine rainbo...
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The Trigger Review and Tips Hookin Pike
Hey here's my first experience with the Trigger by Black Fox fishing. Played around with it a bit on the ice and ran into...
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Underwater pike video Underwater Northern Pike Behavior while ice fishing using a Tip Up and Dead Herring for bait. To get this vide...
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How to Set Up I FISH PRO KaCSirZE&lc=z121yd0rqmruct2dp22pdra pkvidezy5n04 Here is the link to a video showing how to set the...
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Re: [outdoorsman1] IFISH PRO Northern Pike Biggest 38"
Yup, just got it so will have to try it for everything!
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Re: [tubeN2] High Pressure Cold Front Fishing

tubeN2 wrote:
Thanks for sharing. We all know that the bigger fish sleep on certain days but that is why they call ...

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IFISH PRO Northern Pike Biggest 38" 8WLzL_48 First time using the IFISH PRO and landed some nice northern pike. Biggest 38" p...
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High Pressure Cold Front Fishing xbv-KSgM This last year my borther came up from Montana while we were in Alberta. We had hop...
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