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Mar 25, 2012, 11:18 AM
Apr 6, 2012, 6:26 AM
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Re: [StacyR] Early season kitties
Ohh reeeeeealllllllly.......Yes a 10 pound Kittie is a fantastic fish...It just snowed this morning here in Poky so could be a ...
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Re: [StacyR] Early season kitties
Nice kitties, not as big as the ones I used to catch on the Miss. but very, very nice for Idaho. I kinda miss the fighting Cats...
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Re: [redneckjmr] New Member Introduction
First I want to say welcome to the board, but I echo this question: What flies DOES one use for carp? I've yet to land a...
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American Falls, the low down
I am going to be camping up at Willow Bay in in American Falls next weekend, I've heard through the grapevine that they are gonna be...
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Re: [TexasTransplant] Newbie
Oh yeah? Well you've probably seen me wandering off in search of finny fiends thataway then. Probably one of the few people who has ...
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Re: [idahopanfish] Newbie
Thanks for the welcome!
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Automatic reel vs standard reel
Ok, I have been going through my newly acquired fly fishing gear and have come across a dilemma. I only have one reel that is han...
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Re: [jeremypeace] Newbie
I spend my cooped up time on the west side of Pocatello, the Portneuf is not too awful far from my back door, so that's where this Chevr...
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Re: [thebug] Fishing the Portneuf?
Pocatello Creek huh? Now that I didn't know....will have to toss a fly in there and see what I get. I've caught some nice ones...
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Re: [TAIL-CHASER] Fishing the Portneuf?
You know, I've never seen anything in the regs about watercraft either...but was always told you're not allowed to have w...
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