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Aug 19, 2015, 2:43 PM
May 29, 2018, 9:07 AM
Lake Powell
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Willard or Utah Lake?
Planning to go fishing tomorrow, does anyone know if the crappie have started spawning at Willard. I remember going one year and catching a...
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Burbot Bash
I'm pretty new to flaming gorge fishing, and this year I was wanting to try ice fishing for those burbot. I know the Burbot bash is the end of Januar...
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Re: [SamDaFishMan] Newbee on the Gorge 6-9-2017
I was also on the gorge this weekend. I hated the strong winds that came the entire weekend. We managed to do wel...
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Re: [Carp_Killer] East Canyon
There were a lot of people camping but not a whole lot of boaters and fishermen out
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East Canyon
5 of us went up to east canyon on Saturday around 9. We were in a boat but mainly fished by shore, on the west side. We were most successful with hav...
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Re: [jjannie] Strawberry
5 were Cuts the other 2 were rainbows
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Went to strawberry this Saturday with 2 other people (dad and Wife) Between all of us we caught 7 fish for the whole day, all above 20 inches except ...
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“2017 Utah Fishing Challenge Carp_Killer
Finally got a fish to put up on the contest. Caught at Strawberry, one picture is a rainbow at 21" and the 2nd is a Cuth...
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Northern Pike
If I wanted to catch Northern Pike would I have a better chance at catching one at Utah Lake or Yuba? Or maybe another lake that I don't know about...
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Flaming George Summer
I just wanted to know some tips and trick about FG in the Summer. I hear that June is a good time of year to go for the Kokanee. However, I...
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