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Nov 12, 2002, 5:05 PM
Sep 20, 2007, 6:21 PM

Ervin Toebe
Blue Goose Tours, Inc., is a non-profit organization established to introduce children in need or at risk, physically or mentally challenged persons, or socially isolated individuals to the sport of fishing and the outdoors. Blue Goose Tours, Inc. seeks not only to give positive mentoring and foster an understanding of the sport of fishing, but also to teach responsible stewardship and enjoyment of our environment. So we fish allot (All kinds), smile.

Forum Responses:

Re: [perchking] what kind of rod do YOU use.
I have about 80 set-ups, but only about 30 I use regularly. Love 8 footers, graphite for walleyes, catfish, and bass...
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Re: [Cheechat] What age to teach a boy to kill a fish?
I operate a non-profit kids fishing program and we get those questions from the kids also. Honesty is the ...
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Blue Goose Tours takes "Pals" on June outing
"" will host the "Pals" organization the first weekend in June at the mouth of the Fox River i...
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Re: [Roy_Randolph] Evinrude commercial you wont see on TV
I operate a non-profit for kids, and I have a 90 H.P. Evinrude on the back of my 21' Deep V Blue Fin. U...
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"Kid Poles"
Looking for reels that kids can use successfully. There must be a middle ground between "KID" (junk) reels and baitcasters/levelwinds. I have just pu...
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RE: Trolling Motor Location.
Thanks to all, I figured I had to get it on the nose, just hoping for the easy way out and tie it to the main transom motor. Thanks ...
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RE: Trolling Motor Location.
The text didn't post last time, sorry. Question is: Should I put my trolling motor on the bow or stern? I run a 21 foot aluminum Dee...
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Re: [Snags_Alot] What is a good strength for fishing line(Everyday Usage)
Most set-ups come with some bailing wire 12# that you couldn't cast if your life depend...
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Re: [daymere] Classic Crankbaits
It's all in how you fish 'em. Take a big lip crank thats made to go deep and fish it shallow in shorelines for big pike, twitch ...
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Free Fishing Weekend/Fishing Derby
We would like adults to be one on one with their children but certainly we will give help and offer adv...
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