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May 16, 2001, 3:13 AM
Jun 27, 2004, 4:47 AM


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Re: [Bassmaster-ND] You guys won't believe this
I`m with CatMan n BassMaster,don`t think that Kat could`ve got that ball N there own his own...
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Re: Missing posts
mite as well rite`em off 2 Fish God,it happened 2 me last week 2.......Bsafe!

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Re: Real Hot
Don`t fill like da Lone Ranger RayPaw bout da same hear N Florida....Bin git`n quite a bit of Rain 2...xpecialy late afternoon Thunder Storm`s...As ...
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Re: Fishing LilyPads
1 way i like ta fish`em is hit them lil isolated pad`s off the main bunch...i`ll take a spinnerbait an cast past them then run it just outsi...
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Re: ssor R daveTclown
10-4,ThankX Feller`s...I try n make it a habit ta chec`em,mayB i did`nt on those butt i useally dew....had`nt broken any of those rule`s......
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ssor R daveTclown
WASSUP?....Why hav sum of my REPLY`s bin Dleted? I dew`n sump`n WRONG?...if sew PLEASE advise..I no i`ve reply`ed 2 Topic`s "Snake`s".......
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Re: Record Largemouth Bass
Tenn Board daveTclown?....What Topic?

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Re: Want to join bass club in W Central Florida
Lakeland BassMasters......

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Last weakend Taz n I went out on Lake Kissimmee,not quite N North Cove....just around frum da "BUS".....ant much on PanFish,butt we caught a Mess of Shel...
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Just Around Korner
Well Hunt`n Season is just around korner,least Bow Season is...Don`t no bout rest of U butt i`m not fortunate Enuff ta hav a hunt`n lease (use...
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