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May 27, 2010, 10:16 AM
May 22, 2015, 11:14 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Cutler Marsh
King Fish

when I was a kid (6yr) went deep sea fishing in Florida. Caught a KingFish that was as big as my armspan. For YEARS I continued to tell the story of catching a king-fish that was THIS big (arms wide). Many years later I came to realize - as I grew, so did my story!
Forum Responses:

Re: [RockyRaab] Fearless Fishing Forecast
Rocky your weather predictions seem rock solid, as much as any weather forecast ever is. So in other words, bring and u...
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Re: [albinotrout] 10 species in Utah 2015
Yup, some of those aren't gonna come from Utah waters, that I know of! Think this thread has taken the rounds before, b...
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Re: [gaardvark] Unofficial Catfish Contest Scores
So what are you saying about my 8" mudder exactly? Tongue You make a good observation, but as Jeff points out - y...
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Re: [RiverRat77] Post storm catfishing
Rats, pix not loading. Love gawking at a nice cat.(different Coyote I presume. I gardened and baked)
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Re: [albinotrout] Willard Bay 2015 Flotilla
OOOh - I do I do! Actually think my bigger boat used to have such a thing, many moons ago. Now I don't even have a wi...
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] 2015 Catfish Challenge is open for entries
Official Results and standings are posted on the contest page. Appreciate Skunked keeping up a pla...
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] 2015 UCC Entrants & Standings
Ok, at long last I've updated my charts and mapped out the graphs. These are official standings. Couple slight ...
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Re: [TubeDude] DWR White Bass Help 5-20-15
So - I guess by that last paragraph in the announcement i won't be able to fill a bucket and bring them up to Cutler t...
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Unofficial Catfish Contest Scores
Oh, meant to add this too. A non-contest entry, sharing a local CV-catfish angler's catch. I'm still trying...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Unofficial Catfish Contest Scores
Dang Jeff, you are a busy beaver. Not only organizing and prepping for all that wonderful chowder, but graph...
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