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May 27, 2010, 10:16 AM
Jul 11, 2019, 10:47 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Cutler Marsh
King Fish

when I was a kid (6yr) went deep sea fishing in Florida. Caught a KingFish that was as big as my armspan. For YEARS I continued to tell the story of catching a king-fish that was THIS big (arms wide). Many years later I came to realize - as I grew, so did my story!
Forum Responses:

Re: [FatBiker] Willard Slam 7/11
Looks to me like 7/11 was your lucky day!Not a bad day for a float and a flig. Showed them naysayers! Pah!
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Re: [BiggerBait] Bear River Cats!
Well I gotta jump in the river and say hi to the new catter too. I'm the ghost of CoyoteSpinner! "He's not dead yet. . . " Nice...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] 2019 Flotilla Utah Lake
Hook 'em hard, reel 'em soft, but keep a tight line! My dance card is full this weekend, but how great to see the trad...
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Re: [catchinon] Flotilla 2019 Dates and Plans
Wow, looks like a lip rippin' adventure in store. Only just catching up. Don't think I'll be able to pull it off, b...
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Ice Time, Nice Time
Last week, got my crew out on the hard deck. We weren't out for long or at a good time of day, but all had fun. And at least one of us caught...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Tungsten jigs
Marmooska jigs are great. Bentley had great jigs. The bumblebee has a crystal, and the camera has shown it works. https://m.face...
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Re: [TubeDude] Mantua Springs?
The biggest hazard or threat at Mantua is parking tickets from an overzealous Barny but buzz-kill! Heard they've got the south roa...
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Re: [Troll] mantua

Troll wrote:
You left out wear a PFD and drag your own rope around trailing behind you. Wearing a PFD will maybe keep your head from going und...

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Re: [killerhook] Newton
Thanks for the report. Hmmm.
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Re: [lavaman] Mantua Ice

lavaman wrote:
I'll bet you folks fall through over the next 3-4 days... hope I'm wrong. That lake is notorious for weak spots. And I ca...

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