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Apr 8, 2019, 6:21 PM
Aug 24, 2019, 11:31 PM
Saltwater Fishing
Atlantic Ocean
70lb halibut

Busy but love to fish
Forum Responses:

Thank you Alaska advice
I wanted to thank all of you for your advice and assistance with my Ketchikan trip. I had an amazing time. I brought home 40lbs of salmo...
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Flaming gorge
We left Logan Friday night and stayed in Vernal. Left vernal at 5 in the morning and got to the sheep creek boat launch at 6:45. Launched not know...
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Re: [catchinon] Willard fishing now?
We went out of The north marina last night. We trolled all along freeway Bay in the south bike with no luck and no fish on t...
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Re: [cdbrc] DYI Ketchikan AK help!
Wow awesome advice Iíll do it for sure just cast out and real in or should I let it sink for a bit also can you see them swim...
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Re: [2knots] DYI Ketchikan AK help!
Ok no problem I am very grateful you are willing to do that I have seen some Kokanee that came out of the gorge this year an...
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Re: [Theekillerbee] Porcupine kokanee
Yep I wish they were bigger every now and then we would see one of those world class browns chase some 3-4 inch Kokanee to ...
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Re: [2knots] DYI Ketchikan AK help!
Thank you guys so much I would be so grateful if you had some stuff I could borrow or even buy I just donít know what to use...
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DYI Ketchikan AK help!
I am getting the opportunity to go to Ketchikan Alaska on August 18. It is a last minute trip that I did not plan on but an opportunity c...
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Porcupine kokanee
I fished Cokenee this morning at porcupine. Ended the day with 18 Cokenee between four of us but we easily lost 20 other ones. all of the fish ...
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Re: [Deepwateroff] First timer to cutler Reservoir
I fish Cutler quite regularly it is home of some huge catfish. I would recommend fishing late in the evening a...
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