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Date Submitted: Tue May 20 2008
Location: Brownlee Reservoir
State: Idaho
Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Description:Caught this 19" smallmouth on a drop shot rig in 20' of water. Weather was overcast with a slight drizzle at times. Reservoir was about 40' from being full and filling pretty fast.

About Me:

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May 6, 2006, 7:34 PM
Jan 23, 2020, 8:40 AM
Life in general and staying relaxed. Camping, boating, fishing are some of the best hobbies I enjoy doing. Life is good, enjoy.
Southwest Idaho
Water and Power
Brownlee Reservoir
Forum Responses:

Re: [Duck-Slayer] Brownlee
I'll be up at Woodhead from the 14-23, will be staying in C-13. I'll try to put some reports up when I'm there. Swing by for a cold on...
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Re: [Duck-Slayer] Brownlee
Back from Woodhead on 23rd, fishing was tough for us, but all crappie we caught were over 12 inches, bass was even slow, old ramp was ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Brownlee/Woodhead campground.
It was a good time, had 3 poles out with crappie jigs dragging along, no bites during eclipse. Temp dropped for ...
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Re: [EZOP] Brownlee/Woodhead campground.
Oh and other news, Woodhead will go to online reservations next year. No longer first come first serve.
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Brownlee/Woodhead campground.
Came up to watch the eclipse on the lake tomorrow and fish of course. Camp ground is empty, just a handful of sites taking. Fished ...
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Re: [Deepcreek] brownlee/oxbow
Was at Woodhead last weekend, did not fish Brownlee, but did fish Oxbow. Had to launch at last ramp on Oregon side. Small mouth ve...
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Re: [crappyslayer] Any Brownlee reports
I'll be heading up to Woodhead Wed the 3rd, plan on staying through the following Monday. I realize the water is low, but...
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Re: [windriver] sturgeon through the ice
Curious of the clarity of the water, was it cloudy or clear? Some dive friends want to head over and swim with the fishe...
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Re: [crappyslayer] brownlee
Was at Woodhead all last week, crappie bite is there, found a few good places, but ended up just fishing the pipe at the campground m...
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Re: [hooknhunter] Brownlee 8/7
Hot as in weather, and fishing ain't to bad also. I only counted 4 boats out today. There is like no one up here. Found crappie 9-...
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