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Oct 12, 2009, 9:32 PM
Jun 19, 2010, 2:31 PM
retired aircraft assembler
any place I can drop a line
6 lb carp
Forum Responses:

Re: [bytebull] Tube Jigs?
Where in PA bare you Cklvr ?I fish near Gouldboro.
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Is it legal to fish with salamanders or newts as baits ?
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Re: [trfishin] Best method on catching panfish from shore
Nice fat bluegil, the bass looks around 12" still a funfish to catch.What are your baits grub with tail...
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Re: [davetclown] Can you recommend a rod?
While they aren't baitcasting rods, I did find bait casting a rod I'd like. Unfortunatly I emailed them and they weren'...
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Freshwater fishing question.
Which do you do most ?1. Fish from shore or bank ?2. Fish from a tube ,toon or boat ?
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Diawa Samurai ?
I've seen this reel on ebay relativly cheaply and wonder if any here have tried one.Daiwa Samurai 100-6X:
[/#00 000...
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Can you recommend a rod?
Ok, I am considering the Diawa Exceler as my reel of choice if it will cast light lures. The problem is trying to pick a 2-piece rod to ...
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Best method on catching panfish from shore
I'm limited to fishing from shore. Butt I want to use lures. I'm wondering what lures and methods you use for catching...
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Re: [bigpikeguy] Fishing this w/e
No, two were spinners I hung up on the bottom. This area is relatively shallow I believe, with a lots of weeds. I tried with a ...
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Re: [JeffGorecki] Fishing this w/e
Well on saturday it was very winday but I did get a few strikes and landed 1 18" pickerel anda 13 inch pickerel. But I managed...
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