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Date Submitted: Sat Dec 06 2008
Location: Henrys Lake Idaho
State: Idaho
Fish: Rainbow Cutthroat Hybrid

Description:This was at Henrys lake in Idaho during the last week of the season. The fish was caught ice fishing on eight pound line. It measured 31 inches long. The fight lasted 13 minutes and was near impossible to get out of the hole.

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Re: [curt69] Henry's
It certainly has in the past....
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Re: [jeremypeace] Fish salvage announced in Treasureton
Does Dave Teuscher really think that as soon as they fill it that somebody isn't going to bring bass in f...
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Re: [gstott] Decimated Condie 8/28/2012
"True, but I see this as more of a political ploy from those d bags at the Twin Lakes Canal Company. If you look at reser...
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Re: [idahoron] Outcast pac 800
No motor mount on it unfortunately. I have pictures I can send to anyone interested.
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Outcast pac 800
Hey I got a new boat so I just don't need the toon anymore. Boat is in great condition and has been well taken care of. I will throw in a fifteen...
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Re: [gstott] Feelings on sportsmanship
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Re: [brownieguy] Tiger trout
I just would rather catch a brown or brook trout is all. They can be pretty, but a brook trout or brown can be much prettier IMO.
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Re: [cpierce] Tiger trout

cpierce wrote:
Lots of waters in Utah. None in Idaho. Thankfully, I cant stand the fish. Would so much rather catch a pure brown or bro...

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Re: [lavaman] Which is your preferred species to target?
Smallmouth on the fly!
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Re: [SagebrushID] Henry's Lake Ice
Still iced up pretty solid when I drove around the lake Saturday. With the night time temps up there this week getting below f...
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