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Jun 1, 2018, 7:11 PM
Jun 24, 2019, 10:10 AM
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Re: [catchinon] Clean-up and cats at Lincoln 6 22 2019
Sorry I didn't make this one Craig. I had a planned family function I was stuck at. I'll be watching for t...
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Re: [2knots] Gorge Buckboard the other 4 days
Good report. I especially like your picture of the koke jumping out of the water. It reminds me to stop and appreci...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Willard 6/19
Thanks. Hopefully I can get him on a few more of those fishing days.
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Re: [obifishkenobi] Willard 6/19
Yes he had a blast. Thanks to some of your tips we had a few very enjoyable hours of fishing. Looks like your trip to Strawberry...
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Community pond fun 6/22
Yep the weeds look like they are coming in thick. Not a bad first trip. Your fish are a bit bigger than the average stoc...
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Re: [ZUKI_BLUE] Willard 6/19
Yes I tried to stay in contact with bottom as much as possible. It was my first attempt with bottom bouncers, so there were occasion...
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Community pond fun 6/22
Good catchin. Ha its easy enough to just toss your rig up on their shore so they can have a look, then they can drop it ...
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East Canyon 6/21
Fished East Canyon for a little bit today. Chilly start with frost on the ground. Got some love from shore with a crawfish plastic, then launche...
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Willard 6/19
Yep made a good picture. Still swimming if you want to chase it down
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Willard 6/19
Took my boy out to Willard from 530-8 tonight. Headed to the SW corner. Starting with 1 rod pulling a silver crank and 1 rod with a crawler harness ...
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