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Dec 21, 2015, 11:57 AM
Apr 23, 2017, 3:30 PM
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Re: [familyteacher] Willard today
Fished the flat south of the south marina yesterday afternoon. One wiper kept the Skunk at bay. Caught as I went over the top o...
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Re: [Ahi1953] bird refuge 4/21
Good catch. The walleye is a long way from Oneida. Larry
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Thanks DuBob
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Thanks DuBob
When I came back to the south marina at Willard this afternoon, the plumbers were putting the finishing touches on the new fish cleaning station. Sh...
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Re: [old_pops] Willard Boat Frinzy 4/6/2017
I was also out there during the same time frame. Managed one small wiper in three hours. Found it in Freeway Bay in 2...
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Re: [brookieguy1] Willard Slump
Actually, I eat a plant based diet. If it has eyes or babies, I don't eat it. My neighbor seemed to appreciate it. Larry
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Willard Slump
So far this year I've been on Willard eight or nine times, with nothing but skunk stink to show for it. Today, even with the fluctuating weather, I...
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Re: [utroyalwulff] Bass on a fly on march 21
Good looking pattern! Larry
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Slump Busters
I've been in a slump since ice fishing finished up (0 for ever at Willard). This AM my wife mentioned she didn't have a lottery ticket and both gam...
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0 for Willard
Weather has been so nice, I've been out to Willard four of the past five days. As the title says, I've been skunked every time. At least today, I ...
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