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Sep 5, 2007, 5:32 PM
May 25, 2017, 2:04 PM
Ted Hallows
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Re: [Jackin_Jaws] 'Berry Tagged Fish?
I usually supply the fish for the tagged fish and they said they are not doing it this year. At least that is what I've bee...
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Smith and Morehouse
Smith and Morehouse is open and ice free. We just got through stocking it for the first time this year. Should be pretty good fishing this we...
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Re: [betterthanwork] Jordanelle
Up along the Mirror Lake Hwy. can be good this time of year now that its started to cool down and the crowds have slowed down. I'...
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Re: [SidVicious] Smith and Morehouse question
With the fire above the Smith and Morehouse the boat ramp and most of the road have been closed for a few weeks. It...
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Re: [crikfisher] Uinta Mountain Advice for Fishing Merit Badge
I would suggest that you haul them over to Whitney Res and there they could catch Tiger trout, Rai...
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Re: [WeekendWarrior] Mirror Lake Highway update.
The campground is still closed but should be fine in two weeks.
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Mirror Lake Highway update.
The snow is going fast. Amazing what a little warm weather will do. Teapot, Lilly, Whitney, Beaver and Lost lakes have been stocked. ...
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Uinta Update
Still a lot of snow and frozen lakes. Trial has about 25 yard open around the edge but there is still a big drift right at the damn so you have to w...
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Silver Lake Flat
We were able to stock roughly 29,500 6-8 inch arctic grayling into Silver Lake Flat this week. If you have never caught a grayling this will be ...
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Re: [betterthanwork] Smith and Morehouse
Smith and Morehouse has been open for several weeks, the road has been graded and it has been stocked twice with really ...
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