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Title: Walleye Fishing on Short Lake
Description: This video was put together from an hour or two of footage I took on our last walleye trip up to Short Lake near Armstrong Station. This is probably the last video with the 'old gang' in it..
Submit Date: Mon Mar 07 2011
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Date Submitted: Wed Oct 21 2009
Location: New Buffalo
State: Michigan
Fish: Bluegill

Description:My wife finally caught a fish large enough to really need its picture taken..

Date Submitted: Tue Aug 04 2009
Location: On The Water
State: Indiana

Description:My wife with her first Blue Gill of the year! Look close, she isn't actually pointing at it..

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Jun 26, 2006, 6:03 PM
Mar 25, 2018, 4:13 PM
Steve G
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Freshwater Fishing
Short Lake
36" Northern Pike
Forum Responses:

Re: [WillCFish] Gulp Alive and Carpet Don't Mix.
Yup. Spilled a jar in the back of the van. Good thing it was a rental van :)
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Beech River Watershed
Finally had some time to go out and fish Beech Lake in Lexington the last few weeks. I've just been poking around mostly trying to get my w...
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Re: [Gvec] Fish & Ski Combo?
We bought a relatively inexpensive Four Winns 19' Horizon and then did some conversion work to it ourselves to make it more fishing ...
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Re: [tomc] Best way to drill a hole in fiberglass transom?
Thanks for the link. It'll be plenty far out of the water even when heavily loaded. There's a spot tha...
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Best way to drill a hole in fiberglass transom?
I finally got the engine mount trolling motor put in the Four Winns. The cable is plenty long enough to run over ...
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Re: [fishinggal] Snagged Lures?
Snag avoidance is an art all on it's own. When we jig fish for walleye in Ontario we just assume we will lose a lot of jigs. The ...
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Making a pond better
Finally getting settled down here in the new place and the neighbor has a small pond that he said I can do whatever I want with Started fish...
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Re: [idahopanfish] 12' Starcraft Sea Scamp Modifications
I think it looks great.. I like the idea of running the fuel line under the deck..
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Re: [davetclown] Is it safe to adjust drag while hooked?
Agreed.. I have an old reel with a lever on it for quick drag adjustments.. Just need to be sure you fli...
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Re: [Dennis1022] Safe Trailering
If you have some space somewhere set up some cones and practice backing through them.. Set them up so you have to curve and turn...
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