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Sep 21, 2011, 9:14 PM
Jul 18, 2015, 10:54 AM
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Re: [Idahofishbum] Record breaking rainbow!
Yeah, that would be tough. Looks like he did everything he could to try and break the record and follow the rules.
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Re: [bgilmlbz] Clearwater River
All reports have been excellent. I may head out today and give it a few hours. If I do, I'll give an update. Just need to keep an...
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Record breaking rainbow!
Every few years one of these monsters gets caught out of the North Fork below Dworshak. Pretty cool... gs/ou...
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Dworshak Flow Changes
From the IF&G...The CORP of Engineers will be doing some tests on Dworshak Dam on Dec 18 between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. During these tests, t...
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Re: [FindFish] Prime time on the Clearwater
Looks like the pic didn't attach for some reason, but it is with the post... tion/fishing...
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Prime time on the Clearwater
Fishing was phenomenal on the Clearwater this Saturday. We landed 8 in four hours. Definitely peak time for the lower section. We we...
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Clearwater Hog
I'm still looking for that elusive 40incher but caught one in the ballpark on the Clearwater down by Lewiston today. It measured out at 37". Hooke...
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Clearwater is heating up!
Numbers over LWG are making fishing in the Lewiston / Clarkston area heat up. We fished Wednesday morning and hooked into 8, landed 6 w...
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Re: [ironrod] Clearwater Steelies
Fished the Clearwater again last Saturday and managed to get another A-run wild steelhead. My son had one on as well but lost i...
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Clearwater Steelies
Hit the Clearwater for the first steelhead trip of the season. We were fishing shrimp under a bobber in the confluence area. Managed to land ...
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