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Jun 13, 2010, 8:14 PM
Jun 21, 2010, 4:56 PM
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Re: [McDaniels] Brand new to fishing, could use advice.
My advice would be to join a local club. Also, start with the person who introduced you...your dads garde...
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Re: [smurf_fishing] what kind of catfish is this?'s a channel and an extremely ugly one at that...haha. Nice catch though.
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Re: [PondFisher] Stocking my New Pond
Heres how I did it...Granted, this probably isn't the ideal way but it worked well for me. About 12 years ago (I was 16 at ...
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Re: [Wattie] Can you catch Bullgill?
I've never used that stuff in my life...but check this out... Buy a bag of 5 inch Senkos from wherever...color really doesn'...
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Passionate Fisherman From New York
Hey Guys... A little about me...I'm 27 years old from Long Island, NY. I've been fishing mainly Fresh since I was 3 years old....
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Re: [mallen] hello, newb here
All of the answers to your questions are general answers. The only way to really know where the fish are in your waters is to learn...
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Re: [smoothest485] another question for you guys!
From my understanding, the "fast" and "extra fast" means how whippy the rod is. An extra fast rod will bend mos...
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Re: [Wattie] Need A little Help
Chicken liver all the way! I have a local lake that holds tons of cats in it. They aren't the biggest fish out there with an aver...
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Re: [michaelssites] Bass Fishing in Montauk?
I was out last weekend. I have relatives with a house out across from Hither Hills about 10 minutes from the light h...
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