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May 15, 2012, 3:37 PM
Nov 14, 2018, 8:31 AM
Fly Fishing
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Re: [T-DOG91] Smallmouth bass question
June, July and August are awesome. We actually had a ton of success in Mid May throwing chironomids at bedding bass. They...
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Re: [travelinangler] Pelican 4/1
Neko Rig or Ned Rig? The funny thing about that rig, we've never used anything other than a household nail or screw. I don't thi...
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Re: [KingTwistedKidd] East canyon advice
Nice work. That's a good looking Rainbow. EC can be a beast when that wind kicks up. Looks like you figured them out.
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Re: [doitall5000] Redmonds future?
Not sure if you saw this, maybe this will answer your question. =go&jsonp=vglnk_1490911369...
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Re: [FishMids] Jig fishing for walleye
Also, as far as scents go, Anchovy and Crawdad Smelly Jelly are my go to scents.
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Re: [familyteacher] Jig fishing for walleye
I have had my best luck with either Keitech paddletails or 4 inch chartreuse yamamoto grubs. I usually fish both with...
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Re: [TClutch] Mill Hollow Help
It depends on how you fish it. We've always had luck using Jakes and Bouyants. As for bait, we've actually caught a lot of fish wi...
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Re: [pickyfishy] FRESH PIC FRIDAY
We've been sticking some good Smallies lately.
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Re: [betterthanwork] East Canyon
If you're targeting trout. We did really well a few weeks ago with Garlic Rainbow Powerbait. Egg Sinker/Swivel/18-24 inches of l...
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Re: [betterthanwork] East Canyon
Senkos have been our go to up there. Watermelon Ghost and Watermelon Red Flake have been the key. Most fish have been caught wit...
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