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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

SpurHunter, Gulf, Grande Isle, YF Tuna, AJ, Snapper, Shark, 3-19, BBdown,DRC,Puddlejumper & friends
<br />I have wanted to get after tuna for several years...
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polo-dog, Chickamauga, Crappie, Bass, 3/26/15, Freida
Went out today just to get a limit of crappie for folks at work and knew where I could find some keepers. I...
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rsimms, Chickamauga, Crappie, March 23, 2015, Don, John & Will
Had a a great time Monday with three generations of the Bryant Family. The elder Don lives in Spri...
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Smalliefan2, Chick, Bass, 3/26/15, None
Went out this afternoon, just as the wind picked up. Started with a square bill, fishing shallow laydowns. Caught several...
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ptoliver, Chickamauga, Bass, 3-25-2015, None
Bass schools hard to find. fished deep with everything until about 2 pm. without much luck. Had heard they might be ...
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mjc1761, Weiss Lake, Bass, 3-26-15
"Ahhhhh!" It was a nice relaxing trip today, mainly because it was an opportunity to fish Lake Weiss. This i...
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drumking, Tellico, Crappie, 3/25/15, Tenncrappie
I'm going to begin this report by saying that I have definitely "not" and I repeat the...
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rsimms, Chickamauga, Crappie, March 25, 2015, Tennfisher
Oh what a difference a day (or two) makes.<br /><br />After having "Great"...
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EricM, Chick, blue cats, 3-26-15
Whoa, windy!!! Very tough day to control my drifts across my favorite area - the wind was one direction and the current was the ...
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bronzeback45, Chickamauga, Bass, 3/28/15, bricknbass
Fished a small tourney out of the dam ramp today. We weighed 5 keepers for 20lbs. We had a 12" ...
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