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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Bassman tr21, My first CFF Nickajack, Bass, 3/16/19, Daghter
Fished my first CFF today. Everyone I met was very nice and helpful. We ran up river. Didn’t get a...
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Strato-G, Nick, CFF # 2 Bass, 3-16-19, Chick 68....Mile
Was a chilly am to start.... emoScratch Mike makes run north to 1st stop....he hooks up quickly....non ...
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Smalliefan2, Nick, Bass, 3/17/19 CFF # 2, Dr. Detroit
Mike and I formulated a plan on the way home from the classic Friday. Headed out second group,and watched ...
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bub591945, Watts Bar, LM, 3/13/2019, DAD
Another great day on Watts Bar Lake! Blessed to share this day with my father. Picked Dad up around 9:30 and fished till...
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silvertalon, Nickajack, LMB, CFF#2, 3/16/19
Was gonna run up but wanted to stay out of any major current thinking slack water - as the current has been flowing s...
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Carl, Nickach Cff #2, Bass, 03/16/19, Dan
Not a lot to report for us. Started off great with a fish in the 1st five minutes. Only boated one other the whole day....
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Justfishin, Nick, CFF #2, 2/16, Ray
Started off down river where we caught fish earlier in the week. I pulled in, had a fish on in the first 10 min. I thought th...
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FirstLight, CFF #2 - Nickajack, LM Bass, 03/16/19, Nauticman
I had planned on running up river. Even with the change in ramp location I considered it, but Dad sa...
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shortfish, nick, bass, 2/16/19, wilson
cff #2 went down friday evening.... got some good fish and had a good plan.... saturday morning all had changed ... all we...
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gobigorange, Nickajack CFF#2, Bass, 3/16/2019
Had two keepers on a crankbait(DT6) by 8:30..... Then work called, on the phone with work til 10ish. Ended up havin...
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