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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

gobigorange, CFF#8 Chickamauga Night 3rd place, Bass, 6/15/2018, D Holder
We caught fish before dark on top water buzzbaits, spook, and popping frogs. After dark...
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flyman, CFF # 8 CFP, Green Fish, 06/16/2018, Dash_Carter
Well, Zane and I had a good game plan, we started out making a short run, had the first keeper in the bo...
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Strato-G, Chick, Bass CFF, 6-15-18, Deerhunter09
Made run up river...started on long point, some grass, water temp 82-83 with little stain. st catch is top wat...
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Justfishin, Chick, CFF #8, 2nd place, Rayb
We mad a run up river to our first stop. Lots of stripe busting the water I was fishing under them with a Crankbait Ra...
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CFF no. 8 Night / Chick / Ronnie Sexton
We blasted off out of CFP and headed up river to a grass flat. We started catching small fish immediately on worms in abo...
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Pop-R, Hiwassee River, LM, 6/17
Well I finally got another boat after many years. It has a little nicer graphs than my previous boat still just down image. Hummi...
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FishingwithRusty, chick, lm, 061918, Collin and Sam the Dog
took a break from my project at the house to run over to meet Larry at Steve's Landing to pic...
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billyc, Cff #8, 1 st. Place, Bricknbass & Billy C
Blasted off at 7:50, went outside CFP and started on a point , sitting in 30 ft. water. Throwing a 10 &quot...
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deerhunter3, Watts Bar below dam, Cats and smallmouth, 6/17/18, Cynthia
Got to spend some time fishing with my daughter for Father’s Day. We netted a few threa...
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drumking, Chickamauga, Crappie, white bass and Bass, 6/12/18, Bassert
<br />My good friend, Pat, took me fishing this morning. We had a really good morning...
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