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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Strato-G, Chick, Bass, 9-20-14, Deerhunter09
Old Man almost right, same , same. Even had the kitchen sink with me this am & shoulda thrown it a time or t...
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drumking, Upper Hiwassie, Mixed, 9/19/14, Tenncrappie
Chris James (Tenncrappie) has been promising me a trip to the upper Hiwassie to fish and today, he made it ...
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EricM, I-75 ?? (Chick), catfish, 9-19-14
I was pretty sure that I was fishing on the Interstate today - there were a ZILLION fast-movers running up and down the ...
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Floatingphil, Chick-Possum Creek, Bass, 9/19/14, Grandpa in law
My wife's mother and grandfather came to visit and usual the girls went shopping. What be...
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MSBG Jake, Guntersville, Bass, 16 Sept 2014, Several
<br /> Sept 6-16, 2014 Lake Guntersville – Not much change in Guntersville over the past...
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EricM, Chick, blue cats, 9-15-14, The lovely Mrs. EricM
I invited my wife to go play with the kitties at the nuke today and she graciously accepted. My having ju...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 9-17-14
Today I got out with a gentleman that wanted to find a few fish just to have some fun with since the past couple of wee...
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jjellison, Below Nick Dam, Skipjack, 09/18/14, sdbillyg
Billy and I decided to go below Nick Dam to catch skippies. They were running thick. Thanks to EricM for ...
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basspro96, Watts Bar, Largemouth, 9-18-14
For not being on the lake for 7 years, I feel as if I did alright. I checked a few offshore spots. Didn't find ...
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Brydensbaitshop, chick, crappie, 9/18/2014, solo
boy I tell you what to day was a odd day I thank the hole town was sitting in the river in front of the plant to...
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