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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Allison2002, Chickamauga, Bass, 8/22/2016
Fished last night caugth 2 that were 14.5 inches long,allergies giving me a fit I could not take it anymore an wen&...
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Jkidd5, Chick, Bass, 8/20/16, Dad
Well launched at 7 from hbsp ran to back of island where there was some grass no luck. Left there hit some drops and deep ledge...
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Gator, Chickamauga, Bass, 8/22/2016, Steve
Today Steve and I put in about daylight. We tried top water but hardly nothing worked including pop-r, frogs, flukes, ...
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Cooper713, Chickamauga, 8.88LB LM (GF PB), 8/21/16, Girlfriend
What an awesome morning on the water. It rained a lot more than i thought it was going to, but we ...
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Allison2002, chickamauga, bass, 8/29/2016
fish grass caught one dink dragging a worn started fishing brush tops and lucked out and caught a4.5 lb. tried buzzing,...
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rsimms, Chickamauga, Big Catfish Drought Broken, Aug. 28, 2016, Cynthia & Steve from Denver
I have admittedly been on a "Big Fish Drought" rece...
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davisjeremy1981, Chickamauga, Bass, 08/27/16, buddy
Got out sat and fished from safe light til about 330. The morning started off great with my bud catching 2 ar...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 8-25-16
There has been some very hot and humid days in the past few weeks, but today,"WOW" it was just &q...
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Jmax, Chick, Bass, Monday night dog fight, 2nd place and prefishing the CFF, 8/15/16, Derek
After the CBA Derek and I had, we were thinking we might be able to r...
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Jmax, Chick, bass, CFF report, 8/19/16, CCSM
Humbling, humbling and humbling. What can I say? Rain, rising water, weather and water temp I think messed us up. Ev...
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