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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Carl Guffey, Chilhowee 7/20, bass, 07/20, Low Drag
<br /> Braved the weather today and headed up to fish Chilhowee this morning. Did have some rain and we ...
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DinkDink, Riverpark CFF TX, Everything, 7-18-14, Elwestb
It was a tough one for us Friday and a wet one. We caught every species of fish in the river. We started...
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toddmcc78, Riverpark (CFF 4th place), largemouth, 7-18-14, Matt
Not a whole lot to talk about. We started off fishing a spot I found last week that was holding s...
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Oldman, river park, bass, 7-18-2014, donny (CFF)
well guess who was home eating a hot meal at 11:10?yep you are about 10 after 10 Donny said are you a...
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Dropshot, Nickajack (RIverpark) CFF #7, Bass/Drum/Catfish, 7/19/2014, Solo
<br /> It rained all day Friday so I figured it would be the same way Friday nig...
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dnc 796, Riverpark cff tx, bass, 7-18, kenshep
Started off up around the dam. Nothing happening up there for us so we started working or way down river. Ken lost...
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jmergen, Chick, Catfish, 7-06-14, Solo
Bass fishing for me this week was very slow. Fished 4 days before Sunday and all I really had to show were sore ankles fro...
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webberwood, Chickamauga, Cats, 7/17/14
Went out to Watts Bar dam after work looking for striped bass but they didn't want to play so we switched over to ...
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bass1090, Chickamauga, Bass, 07/20/2014
Fished a few hours this evening near the big island in shallow grass. Managed three decent keepers on chatter bait and po...
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fischnrod, CHICKAMAUGA, BASS, 7/22, SOLO
Was able to get in a short 2 hour trip this evening . I caught 5 or 6 with my best being a skinny 3.5 should have been o...
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