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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Jmax, Chick, Bass, 10/18/16, alone
Missed the morning bite completely. Had to follow up on some work that morning but got out later to do a little frogging. Afte...
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camaro88z, Chick, Bass, 10/19, Mom
Took mom fishing today. Was just going to trash fish. Could not stand that all day today. Had to hit the grass a little. Hooke...
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polo-dog, Chickamauga, LM, Spotted Bass, Threadfin shad, Bluegill, Crappie, Blue Catfish, Flathead C
I had the great privilege of taking a good friend and her ki...
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camaro88z, Chick, Bass, 10/23, Solo
Fished a frog. Alot of bowl ups. Managed 4 all around this same size. Water temps ranged 67-70 degrees. If they don't...
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davisjeremy1981, Chickamauga, Bass, 10/23/16, solo
Got on the water for about half the day today and it was a tuff one on the south end of the lake. Think the su...
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Jmax, Chick, Bass, Monday Night Classic, fifth place, 10/22/16, Alone
Derek and I have fished a couple Monday nighters but so has Derek and Chase. Derek told me ...
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Allison2002, Chickamauga, Bass, 10/25/2016
<br /> Today was a lot better than yestarday's three dinks.Today caught several on a frog had one over 5...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 10-25-16
The fish are making their "FALL" move and the bite has really turned on, especially when you compare...
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flyman, Chick, Bass, 10/22, Son
Got to take my son out for a few hours this morning. (He just got married in Sept. ) we wanted to try some frogin. We made a shor...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 10-23-16
I got out this afternoon to look for a few fish for my trips this coming week. I decided to just cover a lot of areas ...
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