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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Spinnerblade, Chic, Bass, 8/30
Anyone fish the dogfight Sat night?if so,what won?
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fishermn7, Ft loudoun, Lm, 8/30/14, Drake
Fished the fort for a few hours today. Started in the little river near Rockford found nothing going there. Moved out t...
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Blue76, Chick, LM, 8-30, Ward
Well... Not much to report. <br /><br />Super slow... Managed only 3 small LM and one large Crappie. <br /><br...
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fishermn7, Ft. Loudoun, Lm, 8/23/2014, Drake
Fished first ft loudon local tourney decent turnout today and some tough fishing caught a few slicks that was about ...
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gene0122, Chickamauga, Crappie, 8-30-14, The Night Bite
This has got to be the first post of the day because its just getting light as I am getting back to madto...
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crappiefishermantn, chick, crappie, 8/31, hippy
Me and dad went to try a little luck crappie fishing. Hit one spot and started catching keepers. We fished for ho...
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Bassallday, Cfp, Bass, 8/31, Bella
I put in at 4 AM and one hit right off the bat with the big worm and then nothing until daybreak. I caught two right away in t...
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MSBG Jake, Guntersville, Bass, 27-30 Aug 2014, Adrienne, Phillip, Kieth
Aug 27-30, 2014 Lake Guntersville – Again this week…we had to work for every bite we ...
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SpurHunter, Watts Bar, Striped bass, 8-22-14, Heath j, DRC
The Foley spoons strike again. <br /><br />Decided I wanted to chase some stripers this pa...
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TCobb, Chick, bass, 8/30
1st time fishing the Chick in almost a year....great to be guys have a great fishery! Really did alot of searching/junk fishin...
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