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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Tjsb2000, Chick, Bass, 12/30/18, Daughter
Got out yesterday afternoon. The water is muddy. We caught 4 keeps on a red rattle trap off points on the current break...
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Triton225LTS, Chick, Bass, 01/07/2019, Bride
Nice early today...started out of PC. Water temp 51.5F with good river current. Caught only keeper on silver buddy i...
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Bassman tr21, Chick, Bass, 1/5/18, Friend
Fished the river banks today. Tried to find shallow banks out of the direct current. Caught 4 on a trap. Looks like a l...
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SHane, Chick, LM, 12/29/18, Andrew
Went out of Holly Circle this morning. Got a late start, about 9:00 am because we were out coonhunting with Dewayne Goins last...
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B-TRACKER, chick, bass, 1/1/19, son
Well start the year off right and went fishing.We put in at grasshopper ran up river fished about 3 hours with no luck so we ...
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Tjsb2000, Chick, Bass, 1/1/19, Daughter
We started off the year in a fun way. Caught 9. Out of those 6 keepers around 15 lbs. water muddy and 50 to 51 degrees. I...
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Floatingphil, Chick, LM/Spot, 01/01/19, Solo
Today was the first day I was off AND it wasn’t raining so I had to get out of the house. I had heard the fish wer...
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Silverfish, Chickamauga, largemouth, 010119, Scott
5 bites, 5 keepers, 14 lbs.,all on points, 51 degree water, fished 9-noon, happy 2019 !!!
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Tjsb2000, Chick, Bass, 12/31/18, Daughter
Went out few hours today. Had one bite on a rattle trap and one on jig. No keepers Water still muddy. Hope for better d...
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polo-dog, Pickwick, Smallmouth, 11/6-11/7/18, Roger V.
Fished with my buddy Roger at Pickwick for two days. Lots of big smallies, lots more big drum! Had a perso...
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