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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

outcaster, Chick, Bass, 10/29, Catmaster
Got out this afternoon/evening to chase a few bass. We tried the frog for a while with several blowups but no hookups. W...
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jd131, Chick, LM, 10/28/14, David
Just to confirm the reports about the "frog bite", it was extremely slow for us....we pounded the mats for as...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 10-28-14
The shallow crankbait bite up river was great yesterday. These fish were getting very aggressive with the cold front t...
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Tenncrapie, Hiwassee River, Crappie, 10/27/14, James
Called the Judge(retired) rather late sunday evening to see if he wanted to go for a short trip, told him I&...
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fishnaddiction, Chickamauga, Crappie., Oct 28, 2014, son
After taking my son Johnny out Sunday and ending up with only one crappie. I wanted to try to get him ou...
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EricM, Chick, Catfish, 10-27-14
I just had to get out on such a beautiful fall (???) day. The fog was thick, thick, thick until at least 11 am, but it gave me an...
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SpurHunter, Chic lake and dam, Mixed, 10-23.25.26-14, BBdown,WLG
A buddy of mine swears he’s seen great schooling action in Harrison bay over the last week, I ...
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drumking, Tims Ford, Crappie, 10/27/2014, Bent Rod and Cuonthelake
Candi and I took a trip across Monteagle mountain this morning to fish with Rick (Bent Rod) at...
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yanksfan0207, Chick, Crappie, 10-15-14
<br /> We caught around 70 Saturday morning at a Honey Hole Lake a friend turned us on to. The HAWG was 16.5&amp...
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Gator, Chick, Bass & Crappie, 10/27/14, Solo
I put in at HBSP about 9:30 and waited and waited on the fog to lift. I think it finally lifted a little about 11:30...
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