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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

Badbass Lures, Chick, Lm, Sm, Spots, July 22, Mike
Hey Guys!<br />First, I rarely get to fish Chick and usually can't contribute much to report sec...
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digitalcb, Chic, Bass, mixed, 7-25, Spur
<br /> Spur took a soldier (well, what's left of an old paratrooper) emoGeezer To the Chic this morning fi...
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VolsFan24, Chickamauga, LM Bass, 7/25 and 7/27, Solo
ive been trying my hand at night fishing. Went with a buddy and loved how quiet it was. So i decided to try ...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 7-28-15
There's nothing like when things come together and everyone just gets to have a plain ole good time! Yesterday ...
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CCR09, Fall Creek Falls, Bass, Blue Gill, 7/26/15
The trip to Fall Creek Falls the other day was relaxing, but didn't pay off with too many catches. Fish...
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mjc1761, Weiss & Guntersville Lake, Bass, 7-27-15
There are times to do a fishing report and there are times that a report is just not enough, so this time we wi...
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Jmax, Chick, Bass, Chester Frost Monday night dog fight, 7/27/15, alone
Well it serves me right. Here I was making fun of Derek for releasing a money sack this p...
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T Roy, chick, LM bass, 7/25/15, Levi Goswick
We decided to put a little tournament on Saturday morning me & some guys from work from safe lite till 12 we...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 7-27-15
I got out yesterday evening with a gentleman and his 2 young sons for some late evening and after dark fishing. The eve...
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bronzeback45, Chickamauga CBA, Bass, 7/25-26/15, Steven
Well we decided to try our luck again in these night tourneys, we didn't have many bites. We on c...
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