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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

TNsnow, Chic, Bass mostly, 11-2, Cliff
Put in at Dayton around noon and fished til 5. What a cold and windy day. Hopped around trying to find grass to frog and f...
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FishingwithRusty, Chick, Lm, 103118, Sam the dog
Got out yesterday afternoon for a couple hours, needed some fishing therapy of sorts. Spent pretty much the whol...
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thegman, Chick, Multi Specis, 10/31/2018, Alicia Ayers
Fished the Chick yesterday. Nice day to be in the water. I picked up Alicia at the ramp around noon. Thoug...
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Muskrat, Chickamauga, mixed bag, 10/31/18, Deb
Nice day on the lake today. A SW wind was blowing warming the temperature up. We caught 7 species on both artifici...
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Jacobmango, HollyCircle/Chick/SuckCreek, Largemouth/Spot, 10/31/18
Had one of those rare opportunities to fish twice in one day and I couldn’t help myself. Esp...
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camaro88z, Chick, Lm, 10/31, Aj
Nothing on a frog or punching again. Same as before only fish caught was in front of grass mat. All fish was caught on soft plast...
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camaro88z, Chick, Lm, 10/30, Solo
Not been on water to much lately. I 've had to much going on. But did manage to get thus one today. Fishing I'm...
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thegman, Chick, LM, 10/30/2018, None
Any mats left on Chick?
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WaterChap, Chick, Bass, 10/27/18, solo
Fished the Hooker TX out off HBSP. Blasted off with another club out of KY that was also running a Tx with even more boats...
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WaterChap, Chick, Bass, 10/26/18, Alicia Ayers
Fished out of Harrison Bay State Park. Put in late afternoon and fished till a little after sunset. Ended up with ...
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