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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

DinkDink, Chick CFF#4 4th place, Bass, 4/23, Elwestb
We started off making a pretty good run up that got us nowhere. We fished it for an hour and a half or so an...
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Cooper713, Chickamauga, Lm, SM, spots, 04/23/16, Daughter
Had a rough day on the water, but it seemed most people did with the high winds and boats everywhere. S...
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lafae7, Conasauga river, Largemouth and Striped bass, 04/24/2016, Alone
I went and tried another water I have never fished today. It felt good to fish the conasa...
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bricknbass, Chick, CFF #4 3rd place, April 23,2016, Daughter Shae
We made lil bit of a run to where I knew some good fish had been and just hoping they were th...
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rodbuilder2, Chic, Bass, CFF #4, Shad
Had a Lot of Wind Today Caught a Lot of Fish Most had Short Disease Did I Mention the Wind Blew Hard Managed to get 3 Keepe...
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Gator, Chickamauga, Crappie/ bass, 04/30/16, Randy
Generally I do not fish week-ends but Randy couldn't go on Friday and he needed a trip. We fished toda...
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Todd 450r, Chick, CFF #4 1st Place, 4/23/16, Pop22
Dad and I were talking on Saturday while fishing that it was our 3rd time to get to fish this year. It&#39...
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lafae7, At my side Chicks, LM bass, Kentucky, 04/29/2016, Self
Well I had a decent day but struggled to find any bass that has any size emoconfused I started aro...
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flyman, CFF #4, greenfish, 4-23-16, creekrunner
Wind Wind Wind and More Wind ....started the day with a long run to a spot that i had caught a 6.7 on Thursday, w...
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jsb, Chickamauga, Bass, 04/27/2016, Solo
Went this morning and was it nice compared to Sat. I think I saw 6 boats instead of half of Chattanooga. It was a good m...
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