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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

bronzeback45, Upper Nickajack, Bass, 12/4/16, Steven
We fished in the rain yesterday and had a pretty good day. Caught 20 bass and half were spots, caught my per...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Bass, 12-5-16
Today I had a early morning Duck Hunting trip to move to the afternoon and I decided to get out and do a little &qu...
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fishinvol, Chickamauga, Bass, 11/28-12/3, Friends
<br /> Bass fishing remains stupidly good out there ! Both numbers and size have been great ! Catching ev...
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silvertalon, Chickamauga, Largemouth, Nov 24-Dec 1
4 trips out fishing from noon till 5, nailed appx 85 largemouth and 2 whites. About 20 keepers so, thats a 5 f...
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mjc1761, Guntersville Lake, Crappie, 12-1-16
The "Big-G Slabs" showed this morning that they are finally in their winter pattern that we have w...
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SoddyDaddy, Chick, Bass, 12/03/16, Solo
Got out for a little while while this afternoon. Fished what little grass I could find with a popping frog. Caught one in...
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Flipman93, Watts bar., LM, SM, 12/3, Buddy
Left the ramp around 8 this morning. Headed away from the dam. First stop was a main channel pocket, it produced two f...
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lafae7, Chickamauga, Catfish/LM, 12-3-2016
I got out for a couple hours yesterday and had some fun. I tried some deep spots and some other 'on the river&...
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Muskrat, Chickamauga, crappie, 11/17/16, Debbie
A crappie fishin' trip with Debbie on a very warm afternoon. We caught crappie fishing blowdowns and arou...
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FishingwithRusty, chick, lm, 113016, Sam the Dog
after having to weave through neighbors driveways to get around downed trees to get through the neighborhood jus...
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