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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

toddmcc78, chick, largemouth, 4-17-14, kids
Thought I would get some fishing in before the next cff tourney. Went to a couple of coves I wanted to try out. Fishe...
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R-boatless, Chick, LM, 4/18
Started pre daylight, on Fri morning, from 58 ramp. First stop, up river, we zeroed. The water temp was down to 60, so we headed down...
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Jmax, Chick, Good Friday Dog Fight, Bass, 1st place, 4/18/14, The Legend Derek(Pic added)
We had a great time today. We actually caught several nice bass and I r...
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tbinchrist, Everywhere, TARP Blues and Flatheads!, 4-11-14 & 4-12-14, Dave and Susan
I had the privilege of fishing two days with Dave and Susan. They came all t...
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Liveliner, Chickamauga, Crappie/ Whatever, 04/18/14, Solo
<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><br /> I fished down River in sea...
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SlabDog, Chick, crappie, 4-18-2014
Spent about 5 hours on the lake today and caught maybe 10 very small crappie with only one keeper in the bunch, which I releas...
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JaSkynyrd, Chickamauga, Spot, Crappie, PB Largemouth, 4/19/14
<br /> I got out this morning up near Soddy Lake with my kayak and trusty spook. It seemed li...
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Blue76, Chick, Bass, 4-19, RHobbs
Once again I am stumped by this lake. Started out like it was going to be a good day with a couple of quick fish. Nothing to br...
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Carl Guffey, Douglas, black bass, 4/19
<br /> Went to Douglas today and fished a ABA Couples tournament with my 16 year old niece. We put in at the ramp in...
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drumking, Chickamauga, Crappie, April 18, 2014, Fishing Machine
This is poor fishing report. I took Terry Rogers (Fishing Machine) out for about 5 hours today in...
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