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Apr 29, 2004, 12:06 AM
Feb 5, 2007, 10:14 AM
Mike H

Forum Responses:

camaro88z, Chick, Bass, 12/15, Solo
Had a little trouble with finder today. But still managed some. Depth was not showing so I stayed close to main where I knew ...
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jcodylew, Chick, LM, 12/07/19
Tough day today fishing my 1st frostbite. I didn’t get to weigh any fish... bummer!! Still had fun, met some nice guys that love ...
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danrnsmyth, South Holston, Smallmouth, 12/09/19, solo
Took a day of vacation Monday to try to figure out how to catch a smallmouth in 40 ft of gin clean water an...
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striker21, Chick, LMB, 12/03/19
Great day on the water. No catch to report but I did get to take my new Classic XL out for some sea trials. I did have a couple t...
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Flipping WURMS, Chick and Nick, Any Tug, 1-6-20 - 1-9-20
-Tale of the BankBeater- <br />I took some time off work to chase a trophy of any kind for the new...
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bassinbrian, Chic, Bass, walleye, 1/9/20, Dad
Haven’t been able to fish since early November due to working way to much! Dad wanted to try for walleye and crap...
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Muskrat, Chickamauga, crappie, 01/09/20, Debbie
First fishin' trip of 2020. Vertical fishing and casting spoons and blade baits in and around shad. My fi...
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Allison2002, Chickamauga, Bass & Crappie, 1/1/2020
Fished out Grasshopper did not catch any bass can't talk them into giving up,so Crappie fished a while...
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TightlineT, Chick, Bass, 12/29/19
Tried again this afternoon in the rain. Put in Sale Creek this time and fished mostly some shallow water in cuts off of the cha...
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Blue76, Chick, LM, 12-28
I don’t get a chance to fish much anymore but I went out this morning. Totally sucked. Started up around the bridge on pos...
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