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Jun 30, 2005, 8:30 PM
Feb 7, 2015, 6:12 PM
Tyler Godfrey
Fishing of all kinds, jig/fly tying, etc. Huge Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, and Utah Jazz fan. I spend most of my time with my twins, boy and girl and my wife. PM me if you wanna go fishing!!!
Sales Manager

Probably a 10lb brown
Forum Responses:

Re: [Giants05win] Strawberry 411
I fish out of the marina normally. I usually end up walking toward the campground ( believe it's west from the parking lot), and...
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Faller Heroes Foundation Poker Event
Hey Everyone,We will be holding a charity poker event supporting the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Foundation on January 28th.Fo...
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Re: [Edogg03] Has anyone been to mantua lately?
I was there Tuesday and no water on top of the ice, but there were a million people there and I didn't see one pe...
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Re: [TubeDude] Bubbleup Bounce
Nice report! As usual!
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Re: [pa] Renegade
Fish on the Ogden and Weber LOVE renegades. If you can't match the hatch, throw on a renegade. Fished wet or dry.I really like double renegades...
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Re: [toadly] LMB smallie cross?
Nicest largemouth I have seen from Willard in a long time.
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Re: [FishHunterSmoot] More bad news at pineview
A 3" rapala will catch just about every fish in Pineview... from perch to tigers. If you are targeting bass speci...
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Re: [fish_hunter88] Salmon?
I think it's going to be pretty tough, to be honest. I am no Koke expert, but I understand that they will follow zoo plankton. Fishin...
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Re: [teeelow21] pinview muskies how to hookem?
Do you have a boat?
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Re: [teeelow21] pinview muskies how to hookem?
Larger spoons, rapalas, and jigs will be your best option. Leave the pwerbait at home :)
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