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Mar 9, 2012, 8:52 PM
Mar 19, 2017, 6:34 AM
Fly fishing, hiking, camping, concerts, snowboarding, and bowling.
Having fun!!!
Fly Fishing
Uinta mountain, Flaming Gorge, Lake Powell, East canyon, Deer creek, Jordanelle, and where ever the fish are.
What ever I catch.

Just the average young adult enjoying life. I take great pride of being a bowling champ and 2nd place in stock marketing game in my life.
Forum Responses:

Fish finder help?
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Re: [rahmaster] Fish Lake ice conditions ?
Good enough to run my snowmobile 80 mph
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Fish finder help?
So 2 weeks ago I went to pelican lake and the wind blew hard out of no where to the point it my fish finder tipped over sideways and the plasti...
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Re: [Flyfishinglover] Flyfishinglover Ice fishing Extravaganza 2016/2017
Fish Lake 3/11/2017 16.5" Splake Nice late-season additions!
Splake - 16.5[/#f...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] New Fishing contest Call to sign Up
I'm in.
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Strawberry 2/29/2017
With the few times that I went ice fishing with my dad that are very far and between he never been able to catch a fish through the ice in t...
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Re: [klam] Fish Lake was kind today 3/11
I'm pretty sure they're was a slight wind while hearing my tent trying to move a little big but for the most part it was...
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Re: [bullelk01] Snow mobile on ice
If you bought them used I highly recommend getting a tune up before heading out. Got mine this season and notice my gas line w...
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Re: [icefishingman] Strawberry Narrows
From Sunday ice was 26" with 6-8" of snow in the narrows. I just sticked to 30' when I went and used white fresh water pla...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] New Fishing Contest for Summer 2017
I'm be in for it and see what my fly rod will bring to the table this season but now looking for a new job...
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