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Jan 21, 2005, 3:53 PM
Mar 6, 2018, 8:59 PM
Matt Bradshaw

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Re: [joethafoe] American Fork harbor (4-30-2012)
So I was down at the boat harbor riding my bike and - - - Just kidding man! The same thing has happened to me an...
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Re: [joevanoni] white bass no limits
They make perfect little fish tacos! A mixture of flour and taco seasoning to dredge the fillets in. Fry them up. Taco-ize t...
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Re: [TopH2O] Call me "CAPTAIN" Flying Fish
Thanks for the good ideas!It's true about them being inbetween "seasons." I love being on approach to MSP from the wes...
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Call me "CAPTAIN" Flying Fish
I have not posted for quite some time but I do watch this board on a regular basis. When I'm sitting in a hotel room It grounds me ...
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Re: [utahduckhunter] dove
I'm getting out! I'm not sure where -Utah, Tooele county-ish. It may end up being a random wandering search but we will try. I'm out of...
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Re: [bluemohawk] Are leeches legal?
I caught the biggest catfish of my life on a live leach on the Jordan just out of Utah Lake.
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Re: [lunkerhunter2] Help on the Clearwater this weekend!
That flight was at 35000 ft. .74 mach (yes ,3/4 the speed of sound) at that altitude and air temp it was...
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Re: [lunkerhunter2] Help on the Clearwater this weekend!
Congratulations on your success! It was nice to meet you after rhe flight (I hope it was a good ride.)
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Re: [pezvela] Yuba monday. Fat girl!
NICE FISH! I'd love to score a pike like that.Now don't take this wrong because i have NO problem with him keeping the fish,...
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I'm going to paddle my kids
OK, not the way my dad paddled me. I'm taking my wife and 2 daughters out for out first canoe day trip this thurs. It's a big fibergl...
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