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Jun 4, 2004, 8:01 AM
Oct 20, 2014, 6:45 PM

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Re: [Therapist] Utah Lake History
I gotta respond to this post as it mentions that "tipping point" idea. Ah jist caint figger thet idee out?? Twerent no carp in ...
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Re: [mtncat1] strawberry bad day 10/4/14
Poor Kent got hisself a real "lemon" here. Let's all the rest of us make some lemonade out of it. I know I'm gonna pay a...
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Re: [BridgerM] UL lake 10/5
Jetskiers are like everybody else, some a--holes and some good folks. I was testing out a boat out of AF harbor a couple years ago an...
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Re: [kentofnsl] My new ride
If I had that setup and you had a feather in your britches we'd both be tickled!
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Re: [albinotrout] White Bass Action UT Lake!!!
I had to run with my outdrive almost all the way up until I got almost a half mile out of the harbor mouth a coupl...
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Vivid-Dawn, the girl with gumption
She has expressed interest in doing small engine repair as a job she can do when her health allows it. Ya gotta admire her (as...
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Eye witness to a robbery
Driving to work yesterday I witnessed a robbery take place in a vacant field adjacent to 5600W just south of the UP railroad tracks. I s...
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Re: [Tin-Can] UL 9/21 The fruit of our labor
Tin Can has a mighty good idea. Only thing I'd add is to use beer instead of water in the pancake mix.
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Re: [HATH] Motor troubleshooting
First thing I'd do is be absolutely sure the fuel hose is good and air tight. If it admits even the slightest amount of air the ...
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Re: [MarineSpear] How is Utah Lake?
Took my boat out there last night out of Provo harbor. SHALLOW!!!! Only 2 1/2 feet until outside the jettys. Ran aground tryi...
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