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Dec 21, 2013, 11:25 AM
May 11, 2019, 11:04 AM
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Re: [fish_fear_me2] Flashers????
In the past several years I've used all different configurations of sonars on the ice. A major thing to keep in mind is all of t...
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Re: [TheFishSlayer] Offshore CLips
Do you need more clips or are the ones you have just worn out? I ask because you can just replace the pads if needed. I like t...
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Re: [hookngrinin] Utah Ice Fishing Challenge 2017/2018 - rules and guidelines
Sign me up! Thanks!
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Re: [PACMEN] fluorocarbon Vs. coated?
There are so many different types of lines on the market now its hard to keep track. They all have there strong suits and s...
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Re: [TubeDude] Plan B - Willard 12-14-16
Hey TubeDude!I saw you mentioned those new rock piles at Willard and was wondering if you'd be willing to steer me in th...
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Re: [crappielover89] the View
Anyone catching any good sized Perch?
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Arrived at the Bay around 8am to windy conditions with slow fishing to follow, until wiperhunter2 put us on some fish! What started ...
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Re: [GEEZER] Rockport or Strawberry for tomorrow?
Thanks for the tips guys!I went to Rockport today and didn't do so well... Maybe I'll try Deer Creek next weeke...
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Rockport or Strawberry for tomorrow?
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and Utah and could really use some help. I'm not a Trout fisherman but would like to s...
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Re: [triton21] Causey kokes
Sounds like a blast! I'm new to the area and keep hearing about the kokes at Causey. Ventured up about a week ago with no success. Wo...
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