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Oct 7, 2013, 4:14 PM
Nov 25, 2017, 1:32 PM
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Re: [iamthesmf] Mead Striper Guide??
I've gone with that guide twice, had a great time both times. Only did the boils though, not the river trophy fish.
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Re: [lvfishingdude] Looks like NDOW wasted a bunch of money "AGAIN" at Comins Lake
In general, they can estimate the amount of rotenone needed to wipe out everyt...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] willow beach double duty
I recently found a spearfishing FB page with some vegas guys hitting willow. It looks like they pull out gigantic str...
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Re: [8andout17] Mead bellies vs. Willow Beach bellies
So I finally got a rod that can throw a 3 oz lure and was thinking about trying Willow from shore one day. ...
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Fishing 4/20
Went to Echo Saturday afternoon and it was the busiest I have ever seen that place. Both parking lots were full. I don't think I have ever seen more...
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Re: [iamthesmf] Chumming ideas?
Dumb question. Does cream corn work, or just regular corn? Also, do you guys just chum the surface, or do you drop chum bags down...
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Re: [nugs] Lake Mead advice
What time of year are you coming?
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Re: [TomChuck] Roosevelt Lake Trip
Well, 8 hr drive and didn't catch crap. The pros fishing bass tournaments on both Roosevelt & Apache did well though lol. Ever...
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Re: [lvfishingdude] Cottonwood Cove Questions?
I haven't been out there in around a year but it's great for LMB. If you got a back injury, be careful with Mohave...
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Re: [Ifishalways13] Las Vegas September 2017
Hey, you need a fishing license, you can get one at basspro or If you go to one of the city ponds, there w...
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