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Jan 2, 2003, 10:51 PM
Dec 30, 2015, 2:36 PM
Scott Nass
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Re: [tlspyder13] 2011-2012 Ice Fishing Contest
I would like to be in the contest also.
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Walked on it.
3' to 4", much less in some spots. 24 tiny Bows and 2 Brookies. I had the place to myself. Sorry no pictures because it will be to easy for someone...
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Re: [Theekillerbee] locomotive springs
Those are about the worst directions ever. How's the pup? If she's doing good we can take her out on my buddies bird farm....
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Re: [mtnman] gorge laker
I'd be pretty protective of my line of work too. Let's say for instance I build jet engines for a living and everyone quit flying. My st...
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Re: [RDRRM8E] Nice FG Ice Mack
GPS co-ord for sale. Contact IFG for pricing info. Yes I stole them from Ashley, but hey, I need the cash to buy a new airboat. Bi...
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Re: [wagdog] ice fishing etiquette
I did in the past, do currently and will continue to give aid to anybody that comes up to me on the ice and asks advice. I'll ...
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Utah Icon Lost
Bye. BLM or RDRR, at least some of us will miss you. I wish you and Vikki all the luck the world can offer you. "Go west young man, I hear Cal-if-...
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Re: [petty4life] 1st annual Bear Lake get together
Well, it was great seeing you guys again. It's been too long. At least a year and a half since I've seen Rich,...
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Re: [Theekillerbee] The heat and Devil Birds
Call me, it's going to be an EPIC year in my spot. I lost your number. Sorry, but I can't figure out how to send a P...
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Re: [fsh4fun05] State can't be held responsible ??????
Quint (from the movie Jaws) said it best. "You go in the water. Cage goes in the water. You go in cage. Sh...
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