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May 4, 2006, 9:25 AM
Mar 21, 2014, 7:10 AM
Craig Coles

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Re: [Spoons] Lower Rouge River HELP??
That's a good question. The lower section ...from ocean up 15 miles.. Or so. I hear it's mostly plunking from the bank? I h...
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Lower Rouge River HELP??
Looking at going to the Rouge River end of April for springers. (Kings) I have never been over there so trying to see if I can learn a f...
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Re: [jacksonlaker] jackson lake
Thanks!... went out on Sarg sat.. did ok.. still a bit slow.. main lake I would still like about 1 more inch but its still pretty...
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Re: [wyosledder] jackson lake
lake is froze.. all of it.. some places only 2 inches others 4 hard ice.. slow fishing.. :)
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Re: [muddyrudder] Green River Lakes
Its always been the toughest month of the year for me... (for macs)
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Re: [daffy] New Fork Lake
Here is a picture of one of the fish we got... AND YES i was a fish killer BECAUSE my jig just about made it to the tale of that dang f...
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Re: [CVfisher] New Fork Lake
I just got back from there a last night.. Other than I seriously just about froze to death it was great. There are Kokes.. Lakers.. ...
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Fishing has been good there..
Ice is getting better.. a few weeks ago I didnt like it but its much better.. you can go anywhere and catch fish. try 20-40' deep o...
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High maintenance.....
Yeah but in 30 years from now when these girls are allowed to date.. them guys are going to be like.. what.. she wants a bow/gun/fishing po...
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Re: [Trackerg] 2010.. what a year.. :)
It really was funnny jackson laker... (and plus for a hint.. you know were its at) so dont try to play like you dont.:)
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