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Date Submitted: Wed Sep 17 2008
State: Utah


About Me:

Registered User
Sep 10, 2008, 10:30 AM
Jun 3, 2019, 8:06 AM
West Jordan
Freshwater Fishing
can't find one
Forum Responses:

Randolph - woodruff
Heading for scenic drive around Bear Lake through woodruff and back. Threw in the poles wondering if there was any good pond reservoirs aroun...
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Re: [fishfighter91] Henry's Lake Aeration
If they opened it all year for fishing we could open lots of holes and have nice aerated fishies
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Re: [Leaky33] Sparky's gone, I'm, drunk & hurting
Sorry about your loss of a loved one. Pups can't be replaced but they can be viewed in the placement of another...
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Re: [Fishn_Wasatch] I'm wanting to ice some Big Macs aka lakers
I would love to see a video of you pulling one out of an 8" hole. That would be national news ri...
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Re: [Tazasorus] What's your best fish saying?
I tell the wife and kids all the time: That's why it's called FISHING and not CATCHING!
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Re: [mtncat1] Strawberry Slaying
Nice reply. Thank you. Guess I'll go get a bucket full
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Re: [MasterDaad] Strawberry Slaying
R the Crawdads still active?
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Re: [fishley] ?Burbot Bash Dates?
I liked it better when it was free, 30.00 each is way too much money. When you put in hotels gas wear and tear on your vehicle ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Perch/trout party @ Rockport
We would go!!!
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Re: [GorgeHound] 9-18-11 Amy's first Lake Trout
Beautiful fish. Glad to have a photo like that on here once in a while. I Need to get my wife up there someday, t...
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