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May 16, 2009, 8:00 AM
Nov 15, 2019, 5:32 PM
HVAC-R tec
Where there's water
14ft tiger shark

Big and broard 6ft1 280lb 57 years young and still not grown up. US Navy Vet 15yrs
Forum Responses:

Anybody have a report on the water levels at Echo? Usually this time of year its so lo it looks like a big ditch.
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Re: [obifishkenobi] Willard 6/8
Sounds like a great day. Just curious how you were set up with the bouncers I don't have much experience with them. How heavy and...
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Left hand blue eyed adventure
First off I would like to give Tube Dude credit for the "Left handed blue eyed minnow" phrase. I love that phrase. Having seen the ...
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Re: [Island20] Mantua Gills?
Guess I will answer my own post. Went to Mantua looking for some Bluegills. None to be found did catch a 10in bass and my friend got...
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Mantua Gills?
Have the day off and thought I would take my 10 year old granddaughter to Mantua for some Bluegills. Does anybody have a recent Mantua report?
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Re: [ducksfresh] Gorge Mac's Hot Action
What was your presentation? Dead stick, jigging or pop and drop or swim to the top? Right on the bottom or up some? Than...
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Scofield chubs
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Re: [ocean] Scofield chubs
Thanks for the info. Just ordered a new cast net with 1/4in mesh. Hope to get up there next week. On another note, I was in need of so...
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Re: [Island20] Scofield chubs
Anybody have any idea as to the flow conditions mentioned above by Tubedude
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Re: [kentofnsl] Scofield chubs
I have no problem throwing a net had lots of experience but my net got rotton and had to many holes in it. 30 year old net go figu...
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