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Dec 23, 2012, 8:57 AM
Jul 12, 2018, 9:17 PM
Fly Fishing
Anywhere the fish are active
Forum Responses:

Re: [Buck23] Lake Trout help!
Iíve tried side scan on my humminbird but its difficult to spot them because they often are in deeper water and tight to the bottom...
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Re: [Buck23] Lake Trout help!
Look for under water humps or ledges. Lakers like to hang out in areas where they can move from deeper water to feeding areas in mo...
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Re: [Optimizer] Newbie trolling question?
Not sure there is a right answer to this one. In my experience if the fish can't see the boat, in your case 8' down or ...
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Bear Lake Cisco Report
Just got back from Bear Lake today. We had little success trying to locate some Cisco to net. We tried the Marina at night Friday evening ...
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High Uinta Lakes?
Any information on ice off conditions on the lakes just off of Highway 150 in the uintas? I heard Mirror Lake was still frozen last weekend. An...
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Re: [photobill] Island Park Reservoir
Fished Island Park Reservoir last Saturday. We tried trolling near Bills Island using rap alas in various colors, dodgers w...
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Re: [curt69] Island Park Reservoir
Thanks to both of you for the tips! Sounds like we will bundle up and I'm sure we will have fun! Any day fishin with the famil...
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Re: [photobill] Island Park Reservoir
Sounds like a great way to spend a few hours! I'm headed up in a week with the grandkids. Not familliar with the lake but h...
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Re: [Utexan] Viva
I was up there on Saturday ice on Viva was about 18" thick. Take a sharp auger! Wink Fishing was a little slow. The early morning bite was best...
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Re: [barnbug1] fishfinder transducer question
Also, with a tighter cone angle you can see more of the water column on a sloped bottom. Here again, the deeper tha...
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