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Dec 22, 2007, 6:54 PM
Dec 12, 2019, 3:42 AM
David Buckmiller
Salt Lake City, Utah
Anywhere they are biting
Forum Responses:

Re: [hogstalker] Uinta fall colors
Yeah my son is getting close to the record. We think we have passed it by weight but didn't have a scale to weigh them. We tur...
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Uinta fall colors
My son and I went up to the Uintas a week ago to see if we could catch some of the fall colors. We thought we would get into snow but there was...
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Re: [chuckbigflies] Lost creek and East Canyon
The water was a bit off color but adding some color to the presentation helped.
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Re: [chuckbigflies] Lost creek and East Canyon
I took my grandson up fishing and we did the opposite route. We started at East Canyon and got nothing. I saw one ...
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Re: [travelinangler] Anyone having a problem with the site
Chrome and safari, thought it was just me now I see I'm not alone....
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Re: [Uintaman] East Canyon Skunk
My son and I were up there on Saturday and the boat guys were pulling them in quite regularly. They were getting a lot of small ...
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Re: [Silver_Eagle] Strawberry and Renegade?
My son and I went up Saturday 11/25 and the road was completely dry all the way to Renegade. The only snow was in the...
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Re: [sharksugar101] EAST CANYON?
My son and I stopped by East Canyon last Friday and did some fishing where the lake was open. It is not ice free yet unless thin...
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Re: [Dunn13] Little Dell ice

Dunn13 wrote:
What do you use for lures at Little Dell since there's no bait allowed? I've always been curious about ice fishing the...

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Little Dell ice
My son and I went to Little Dell to see if we could get them to bite through the ice. It was frozen up so we dragged the sled down to the lake. H...
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