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Feb 4, 2004, 9:28 AM
Sep 25, 2018, 11:22 AM
Aaron Lopez

Forum Responses:

Moon Lake
has anyone been recently? Just wondering how the fishing was, I will have a boat.
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Electric Lake
I was wondering if anybody has been up there, How full is it, are the Kokes getting any size, & how was the fishing overall? Thanks guys.
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Lost Creek Anyone?
Just wanted to know if i can drive to the boat ramp with a 4-wheel drive. Thanks
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Re: [ratstar] Browns again!
I was curious as to what you are using? in the pics there is a what looks to be a yellow stringer.
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Re: [UintaIce] Strawberry & a wheeler
Hey thanks. will you post what they say if anything?
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Re: [Flycasting] Strawberry & a wheeler
Thanks guys this is the info I was looking for maybe we'll go to scofield and do some bank fishing then. Thanks again.
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Strawberry & a wheeler
I'am wanting to hit the hard water one more time this year and take my kids (3 & 6) they have not been this year and I feel bad & tomorrow...
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Re: [fishhungry] the berry 6/1/05- two 17" cutts taken illegally!
It's crazy about every three trips i make up there I get asked what the regulations are! It's s...
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Re: [Henerysfork] Colorado Pontoon???'s
Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the info. Henerysfork I sent you a PM.
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Re: [Henerysfork] Colorado Pontoon???'s
Man Great info here its great! I was going to order mine tonight, I dont know now. How long a shaft did you have to use? ...
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