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Registered User
Jan 10, 2016, 6:47 PM
Aug 21, 2018, 4:42 PM
Born/Raised: Marshfield, Wis. Now: Bountiful, Ut.
Viet Nam Vet - Navy, and Retired Army. Retired businessman.
Freshwater Fishing
Flaming Gorge
4 lb kokanee salmon

Love bird hunting and fishing, esp. trolling and ice fishing... Current Job-- Hunter/Fisher/Gatherer
Forum Responses:

Re: [gmwahl] Vanishing Berry Kokes
Wow - sorry for your and the kids experience....too bad the outcome wasn't good......I hope we with boats have at least a semi...
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Re: [night_flyguy] Strawberry Kokes - 1 last time (Wed.)
PM sent.
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Re: [jjannie] Strawberry Kokes - 1 last time (Wed.)
If we ran into LikeTrolling coming out, we probably crossed paths there also...wish I could have met you and ...
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Re: [brookie] Strawberry Kokes - 1 last time (Wed.)
Sounds like you've been doing it right all season....and I like the idea of your setting up camp there....I n...
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Strawberry Kokes - 1 last time (Wed.)
Okay, so I told Brookie last Sat. was my last day, but I lied....there was a cancellation, so I "HAD" to help a fellow fish...
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Re: [Gemcityslayer] Woodruff Narrows Reservoir (Evanston)
tks for sharing some good info....hope to be able to take you up on that this Winter.....Guluk...
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Re: [PACMEN] Are you a fisherman?
Good story, tks for sharing....sometimes it seems like we're being taken advantage of, but sometimes it's just the right thing ...
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Re: [BoatsandHoes] Strawberry up date
P.M. sent...
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Re: [brookie] Strawberry Monday
Nice -- that one a plus 3 lb'er? at least it looks big compared to the others...did you measure it? I think last Sat. was my last...
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Re: [liketrolling] Strawberry up date
Nice pics Robert -- I tried looking for you this A.M. but I couldn't see thru all the other boats! .....Beautiful fishing m...
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