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Jan 10, 2016, 6:47 PM
Nov 22, 2017, 7:58 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Flaming Gorge
4 lb kokanee salmon

Past -- retired military and businessman Current -- Hunter/Gatherer
Forum Responses:

Re: [TubeDude] Willard Wednesday 11-22-2017
Last few times passing Willard Bay on the highway I just haven't seen any boats out there, so I'm glad to know you're...
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Re: [hookngrinin] Utah Ice Fishing Challenge - 2017/2018
Put me down, I'd like to give it a try....tks...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Rockport 1 more time...11/14
Little less wind would have made it a very fun day, but wind happens....all nice fish, 16 1/2 to 18"....I'd rathe...
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Rockport 1 more time...11/14
Duck hunting has slowed down for awhile, so thought to try trolling Rockport 1 more time....Fishing tables said it'd likely be slow ...
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Re: [Cowboy_43] Uinta Ice Fishing
Nice going! That'll get a bunch of us riled up....Looks likely to have another 1 to 2" added to the layer after this weekend's ...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] BFT Banquet
Great job MC'n for this first time at the banquet, and certainly hope to be there next year.....good food, (tks RR) an...
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Re: [need2getoutmore] Canoe fishfinder
I like to troll with my canoe in early Spring, places like EC or Rockport, when fish aren't much deeper than 15'.....if yo...
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Re: [AUtahManAmI] Bountiful Pond?
I'll agree with Rocky -- I have fished it (but not this year) and have had some success out on my canoe, near the back island.....
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Re: [Access-Denied] East Canyon - 10/29/2017
A ton of 11 & 12"ers planted this late Spring.. be nice to think those were your 16"ers, which could be nice for the...
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Re: [fishday] PV Perch
Sounds like a very good trip.... and lots of good stuff for the racoon or rat trap! I'm also looking forward to the ice season at PV....Gu...
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