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Sep 24, 2016, 3:19 PM
Jun 15, 2019, 8:07 AM
Post Falls
Freshwater Fishing
Lake Coeur D Alene
46 1/4" White Sturgeon
Forum Responses:

Re: [fast_randy] Fishing debate
I can see that! He knows more about fishing than I do, and I used to be a fishing instructor for Boy Scouts! It's great to have p...
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Re: [TubeDude] Fishing debate
These trout I actually put on the grill on aluminum foil, and cooked them on the grill with apple wood chips. I smoked them. They a...
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Re: [TubeDude] Fishing debate
Thanks for helping me settle that debate. I appreciate it. Thanks for that info also. It was cool to read. I guess this is quality ...
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Fishing debate
Hello, Could someone help me settle a fishing debate? I was at Marsing Island Park today fishing in the pond. I caught three trout, one was small ...
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Snake River Smallmouth Bass
Here is a video of me on the Snake River at Walters Ferry fishing for Smallmouth Bass. The video was taken on 6/10/2019. 17 minutes i...
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Re: [mme1] Funny fishing story
I can see how Star Wars music would be fitting, but that wasn't what I was thinking. When I hooked the trout, music from the video...
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Funny fishing story
Hello, So, funny fishing story. I was fishing the creek in front of a Walmart near where I live. I was fortunate to find an extra spool of fl...
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Middle Fork Payette experience
Hello, So, I was at a father-son camp-out on the Middle Fork of the Payette River. I just got back. I brought my fly fishing pole,...
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Re: [MMDon] Bad Day fishing
Thank you. I think I'll try that sometime. I actually took off all the line and re-spooled it, because it needed to be re-spooled any...
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Re: [meancuznalfy] Bad Day fishing
You are so right. At least I wasn't sitting on the couch all day getting depressed. One thing you need to know about me, it is...
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