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Feb 10, 2015, 11:38 AM
Jan 24, 2020, 4:01 PM
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Re: [DjHill16] Causey Help
I was up there last Saturday. There was a good 6-7" of ice by the dam. Couldn't find any fish though.
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Weber River 10/16
Took a half day off work today to go hit the Weber. Seems like several other people had the same idea. The tan sow bug was the trick, as i was ...
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Lost Creek 8/17
Went with some co-workers to lost creek reservoir to fish for a few hours on Saturday. I guess with the fancy new paved road this place has gotte...
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Ogden River 8/12
Went out solo for the first time since taking my fly fishing class. Screened the river and found a couple of scuds, 3 worms, and 2 tiny what I t...
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Where to buy flies in the Bear Lake area?
As the title says, I am hoping there is a place semi-near bear lake where I can go purchase a few flies. The couple I h...
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Re: [Jonthecook] Weber River 04/13
Thanks for all the advice on flies. I'll be sure to get those in my box! Fly fishing has long been a dream of mine. I was cert...
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Weber River 04/13
I went out with my fly fishing class on the Weber this morning. Caught my first ever "real" (the rest have all been little tiny guys) fish on a...
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Fly choices for the Uintas
I am headed up to the Uintas this week to spend some time fishing, and hopefully learning a bit more about my fly rod. I have spent ho...
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Re: [a_bow_nut] Millions of Tiger Trout?
Even if only 1/10 of 1 percent survive, that's still almost 2,000 fish, which is well above what they normally stock in ...
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Re: [Jedidiah] Millions of Tiger Trout?
i've seen those videos before, but it just seemed to me like 1,950,000 tiger trout per lake is a bit overkill. https://dw...
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