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Apr 6, 2007, 2:09 PM
Jul 13, 2008, 1:09 PM
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Re: [Tarpon4me] What's your go-to bait for panfish?
my go to bait is worms but if im to lazy a piece of corn or hot dog works well for them blues here in
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Re: [Fishhound] Cat ?
ok thanks i will post some pictures up next time i go out.
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Cat ?
ok i have been fishing the same old rock Corey for a few years on and off. The last summer and this spring i have been getting some little 6 inch cats. ev...
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Re: [Fishhound] My Carp Fishing Styles
over the last summer i got big into the carp fishing after i cought my first one. i am still very new to it and would love...
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Re: [Jordan5] very confused
What kind of hook do u put on these lines? any whight?
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Re: [Tarpon4me] very confused
yest his helps a ton thanks, yes it was very od i was fishing one morning in my usual spot and noticed a chain tied to a tree and a...
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very confused
ok maybe im seeing things but i oftein find or see people just haveing rope or chain a hook and tie it off to something? what is this used for? and...
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Re: [TubeDude] Thinking about Da tube
Ok thanks i already have fins considering they are a key element in my swim training ;) thanks for all of the help. plus im...
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Thinking about Da tube
I live in central Ohio and a tube would be perfect for me and a buddy of myn. i am a little more into fishing than her, is there a cheap t...
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getting ichey to fish
so im dieing to get out and fish. i live in Delaware , Ohio its kinda cold like 40's would it be worth trying to get out and go? would carp...
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