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Mar 20, 2007, 5:24 PM
May 4, 2007, 10:12 PM
kevin colvin
as you know fishing-my family. I like take to picture of nature.and I mess around with eBay

Forum Responses:

Re: [tubeN2] Keep my worms/crawlers alive
Thanks for the scoop on the poop . Tx KC
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Re: [mattscru] Keep my worms/crawlers alive
Hey-I have heard about doing something like that before but didn't know if it really worked. Some one said beating on...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] Keep my worms/crawlers alive
Thanks- I haven't had a chance to get back on line. But I have been using your tips. I had them in a small bucket be...
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Keep my worms/crawlers alive
I have been picking up worms and crawlers around the yard. But I want to start collecting them and stop buying the wigglers.Smile Wha...
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Re: [tubeN2] I'm New
Sounds like for now I will stick with the zip lock freezer bag filled with water it has been working so far for me. I just wanted here from ...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] Spring Bass and Pike
Bowfin?? I think I saw one once in a cut fishing for Bass. How do you catch them? Why would you? and what do with them???? I...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] I'm New
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks about how to save you fish after cleaning them then how to freeze the fish. That is the way I do it too....
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Re: [davetclown] How to grip a fish!
I remember those days cut and gut. I hated it.FrownMy friends dad would take me along(my dad not a fisherman) if you fished y...
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Re: [tubeN2] How to grip a fish!
Hello and thanks for the welcome this is my first forum. I hope I do it right but mainly looking forward to learn and share as m...
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How to grip a fish!
I read about using a electric knife to clean fish before. But now that I saw that utube video I think I will try it myself. Wink Has any one ...
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