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Jun 1, 2008, 12:28 PM
Dec 12, 2017, 2:28 PM
Skyler Kidd
Freshwater Fishing
Ogden River
A catfish when I was young.

Down to earth.
Forum Responses:

Re: [k2muskie] Tiger Muskie Age Study
Hopefully alot of good things come from this! Thanks for keeping us informed!
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Re: [kentofnsl] Utah Lake 4-22-17
That was awesome of you to do. Utah lake cats look like a blast! Glad the weather put a hold on the catching. Thanks for the re...
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Re: [flygoddess] Think I'm ready.
It's all so beautiful!
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Re: [fish_fear_me2] Still finding a few Walleye
That's some nice dedication, one day I'll get myself down their to try out the major hype! Thanks for the report!
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Re: [TheRiverWalker] Weber 4/7/2017
I relate alot to you. I grew up with a spinning rod, and honestly I feel I can dominate any river with a spinning rod and a r...
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Re: [SilverSlimer] Willard 4/11
Nice job, I'm glad to hear your getting into them! I have yet to fish the rocks for them, used to low water last few years. I nee...
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Re: [Jonthecook] Lost Creek or East Canyon?
Sounds like a nice mini vacation, with a decent background setting for a relaxing read! Sorry the fishing wasn't fast...
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Re: [TheRiverWalker] Weber 4/7/2017
Thanks for the report, two 20" fish is worth it in a day itself, in my opinion, let alone all in the same hour! It's tempting...
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Re: [Bduck] East canyon advice
We ended up with 7 in 5 hours, and lost more then we caught. The first two hours, we didn't catch anything, but we moved around a ...
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Re: [KingTwistedKidd] East canyon advice
Thanks everyone, ill let you know how it goes.
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