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Title: Lunch Break Brown
Description: Caught a nice brown at my lunch break spot. Over 20".
Submit Date: Wed Apr 06 2011
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Date Submitted: Thu Nov 12 2015
Location: Boulder Mountain
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Trout

Description:Gulp! 3" Leech w/ Gamakatsu 1/16oz "Round 26" jig head. Fish was 25" long and 6lb, 5oz.

Date Submitted: Mon Sep 29 2008
Location: Yuba
State: Utah
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:I just tossed a redside shiner minnow out about 20 feet off shore at the Oasis State Park, near the boat ramp.

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Mar 17, 2008, 7:09 PM
Oct 17, 2017, 10:14 PM

Justin Craddock
Ummm, fishing?

Where there are trout
Forum Responses:

Howdy, folks! My last update left off with Holdsworth and I coming up short in an effort to find some big grayling in the Uintas. The next week, we e...
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Summertime Fishing Update
Howdy! The summer is well underway and all of the wonderful high country is open. I'd like nothing more than to report stellar fishing ...
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Re: [brookieguy1] Is this week the end?
I'm with ya, Dave. I get 2 or 3 ice trips into the winter and I'm sick of it. Even went west on Saturday, just to get a f...
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Re: [OCF] Chub for bait Question
I just use Photobucket and delete the URL tags around the IMG link.
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Re: [Addictedtoice] Birch creek
Couple of weeks ago, no ice. It's usually fishable by now though. Small bows all day, minus a 4lb bow my buddy caught. No big tig...
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Whole Lotta Brookie /jj525/troutforbrainz/troutforbrain z006/DSCN5800%20450x600_zpsxkpthkha .jpg~original There seems to be a...
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Re: [lovetofish] Southern Salvelinus
Home pc is garbage and makes me really angry when I use it. Can't even photobucket to load, so I end up doing little bits an...
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Southern Salvelinus
I've posted some other reports on my blog this year that were way too long to convert for the forums. Feel free to visit Utah Water Log if yo...
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Re: [RedFishSlayer] Joe's Valley?
It was slow last weekend (12th) but my wife and I caught a few. 17 & 18" cutthroat were the biggest. Saw a nice brown in the Cr...
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Re: [big_griggs] Utah lake Pike problem
I'm not a pike fisherman by any means and I'm not at Utah Lake very much. That being said, many of my lunch breaks are sp...
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