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Mar 13, 2017, 9:44 PM
Oct 15, 2017, 6:35 PM
Rotary kiln operator
Freshwater Fishing
Not sure too many to choose from
Forum Responses:

Re: [PowerBaitMan] Powerbait Sink/Float
If you are using power bait you should plan on keeping the fish you catch. But if you must use power bait to catch fish a...
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Re: [Gemcityslayer] Echo???
This is what I kept from echo Tuesday morning. And if launching a kayak I suggest maybe parking near the dam to avoid a walk even tho...
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Re: [Piscophilic] The Witching hour at Provo
The midges were out but not too bad and no mosquitoes yet. I think the midges took shelter in my car.
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The Witching hour at Provo
Decided to take the wife to Provo boat harbor for night fishing to end mother's day. The evening wind was blowing as we got there. Fir...
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Re: [Jiggy81] Fish lake or Gorge? Looking for big fish in a small boat.
I would suggest Fish Lake just for the sheer fact it is smaller and it has big fish. You...
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Re: [Bigguyone] Is ICE OUT at Strawberry Myth or Fact?
The drive to Starvation on 4/18/17 showed there was open water along many edges at Strawberry. Could be fr...
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Re: [remo_5_0] New to the group. Starvation 4/18/17
We were just using power bait. But I wish I would have been nymphing or stripping some buggers. My arms were ...
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New to the group. Starvation 4/18/17
Hi I am new to this forum. Today me and 2 other friends hit our favorite trout pond today. Fishing was good not the fastest ...
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