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Jul 19, 2006, 11:11 PM
Mar 5, 2015, 3:01 PM
Logan Sheets
Hunting, fishing, ice fishing, canoeing.

Forum Responses:

Re: [stripermagnet] channel catfish help!
I'd stay away from store bought dip and paste baits. I've personally never had any luck with them. A few buddies and ha...
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Berkely coast to coast 600 series flyrod
Can anybody tell me any history about the berkely coast to coast 600 series fly rods? I just inherited one from my grand...
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Re: [Flagmanonice] Mille Lacs Lake
Agate Bay Resort, will do.
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Re: [davetclown] burbot
I havent personally used the round tip ups but they do seem to do a good job of keeping the holes open. Especially dark ones on sunny day...
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Re: [fishley] burbot
If your willing to spend the money, I'd say either buy Beaver Dam tip ups or the Frabill hardwood ones. They are very durable and have a har...
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Mille Lacs Lake
Im going to be taking an ice fishing trip in early February to Mille Lacs Lake, I was just wondering if anybody has fished that lake and has some...
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Ice Conditions
Does anybody here know the current ice conditions on lake Wausau? Ive been on the Eau Claire Flowage and theres already a good 7 inches of ice. Ho...
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Re: [davetclown] Lake Maps
Thanks for the advice! I'll definately keep them close at hand this year on the ice.
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Lake Maps
I recently found some lake maps through the DNR website of my local lake that I fish, but after reading them a little closer, I found that they are fro...
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Re: [1iceman] how to fix a hole in your portable.
I got a nice hole burned above the door of my Frabill portable last year from my Mr. Heater, first day out on t...
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