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Date Submitted: Fri Apr 18 2008
Location: Columbia
State: Oregon
Fish: Chinook Salmon


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Jun 12, 2003, 10:04 AM
Feb 15, 2018, 2:56 PM
Craig Lederman
Forum Responses:

Re: [Lovetofish1965] Deer creek
Just drove by and 3 boats on the water and several shore tanglers on the snowy banks
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Re: [BULLOCK9] Ladders Ice?
Did the drive-by on Sunday and the wind was blowing HARD - the lake in frozen over and with temps staying a little cold this week ice...
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Re: [djs237] Stawberry Conditions?
Check out the Strawberry Bay Marina & Lodge on Facebook as they keep current conditions posted Here is their report from the 2...
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Re: [Silver_Eagle] Strawberry and Renegade?
Check out the traffic cameras on - they show a few inches of snow on the shady side of t...
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Strawberry Pelican Problem
Since I drive up to Soldier Creek just about every weekend I wanted to pass along a potential bad occurrence that I witnessed this spr...
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Steelhead forecast worst in decades
These fish are true warriors - sad to see this news.... m/2017/3/31/steelhead-forecast-wo...
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Re: [Bertrum13] Strawberry Shore Fishing
Lots of folks fish the peninsula that is off (west side of) the dam - easy access and the water gets deep fast - power b...
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Framing Job out of the heat
In the next three weeks I will be finishing the concrete portion of the Sun Room addition and covered patio on my cabin up at Strawbe...
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Re: [Br250r] Strawberry crayfish
Just an FYI - the water level is extremely high at Strawberry - the usual spots are underwater and most of the shoreline is cove...
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Chub Solution?
As I was sitting on the shore at Strawberry this past weekend and watching several hundred chubs cruising the shoreline I let my grandson and son-...
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